Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Things I love/like & hate/dislike

I love love love writing about things I love/like so this is a great opportunity to do it :) one thing I don't usually like doing is writing about what I dislike/hate because I think things that are hated or disliked nee-dent be talked/wrote about but I thought I'd write them for this once just to share lol. I'll probably write majority of things I love but I love that many things that it's hard to keep track.
I LOVE... Funny people, Big Hair, Acrylic Nails, Rock T-shirts, London, Shopping, Money, Summer, Wem, Christmas, The Beach, The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore, Oversized Sunglasses, Greek Sandals, Blazers, Unusual clothes/jewellery/accessories, Sleeve Tattoos on Men, Long Hair, Dark haired Men, People who are themselves, Laughing, Having Fun, Clothes, Fashion, Catwalks, Music, DJ decks, Oversized Rings, Pink Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics, Make-up, Hairdressing, Lee Stafford, Learning new things, Meeting new people, Fake Tan, So kiss me perfume, Water, Salads, Starbucks, Costa hot chocolate, Smelling nice, Looking nice, Confidence, Eating out, Skinny Jeans, Padded Jackets, Louis Vuitton, Birmingham Christmas German Market, My Mum's car, Convertibles, Cars, Go-Karting, F1, FMX, Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, People with good manors, Men (I get on with them easier), Funny Men, Going to the Dentist, Satchel Bags, Clutch Bags, Things with studs on, The rock look, Magazines, Horses, Dogs, Cocktails, Going out, Genuinely nice people, Camping, Baths, Family, Mirrors, Being and feeling happy, Pic Nics, Things with Skulls on, Blogging, Reading Blogs, Random fun days, Fun Fairs, Brhyn, Writing, Reading, Driving, Long journeys, My IPhone, Buying new things, Buying people presents, Ebay, Magazines, Bedroom Accessories e.g. cushions, Ikea, Shane Richie, Eastenders, Arnold Schwartznegger, Robin Williams  etc etc.. I love more things than this but those are what spring to mind at the moment.

I hate... Fake people, Snotty People, People who brag and show off, People who can't be themselves, Girls who are too girlie and scream if they've broken a nail, Boring People, Lazy Days, Staying in, Bitchy Women, Poor hygiene, Chavs, Bad music, Horrible smells, Lazy People, Having no money, People who think they are hard, Bullies, People who try and put others down, Jealous Girls, Fake Friends, Men who mess with your head, Junk Food, Greasy Hair, Nosey People. I don't think there is anything else I dislike, If you notice most of it is based on how some people are. I've witnessed them all. 


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