Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hot Hair Tousled Pony Review

Hot Hair are a Hair Company that sell all different Hair Extensions, Hair Pieces and also Wigs. Hot Hair have a online store and are also situated in Selfridges where they have their own section, there are Hot Hair stands in the Birmingham and London Selfridges'.

Hot Hair sell a variety of Hair Pieces and Pony Tails, I got the chance to try out one of their new Pony's which is the Tousled Pony. The Tousled Pony is high quality synthetic hair that looks and feels completely natural and is around 30-60cm in length which I think is around 22" but I'm not entirely sure but the Pony is quite long, definitely around the 20" - 22" mark.

There are 14 different shades available in the Tousled Pony, I have the shade Chocolate Copper which matches my hair colour perfectly. The Pony is thicker at the top than the bottom which is good because it makes it easier to hide the attachment but it would be good if their was more hair throughout the length but either way it does look nice when attached to your hair.

The Tousled Pony has a large clip on the inside of it which is what you slide into your own hair for the hairpiece to grip onto it so that is stays on. The part behind the clip which I can never explain properly fits over your own hair which you put into a bun so that it is even more secure, you can tighten it with the drawstring so that it fits whatever size your own hair is when in a bun.

To attach the Pony to your own hair all you need to do is two simple things which are:
1. Tie your own hair into a bun.
2. Clip the hairpiece over your bun.
It's that simple!

The Tousled Pony literally takes less than 5 minutes to attach which is great for if you are in a rush or for those lazy days when you just want a quick hair style that won't take much time. The Pony doesn't look synthetic in day light but under some lighting it does catch the light and show up slightly shiny but that's nothing that a bit of dry shampoo can't sort out.

The Tousled Pony is available to buy from the Hot Hair website and is usually £32.00 to buy but is currently on sale for £25.50.

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