Wednesday, 29 December 2010

TOWIE - The Only Way Is Essex

Ok so surely everyone knows what this show is, TOWIE. I don't watch Tv very often but I cannot miss this, The people are Amazing!! My faves have to be Mark for obvious reasons he's FIT!!, Lauren, Jess and Amy oh and Arg he's just adorable :). All the people on this are stunning and there clothes are lush. Definitley the best programme out at the moment.
The Essexmas special was brilliant, I really looked forward to that and have watched it about 4 times now I think lol.

Today I brought heat magazine as I saw Amy Childs on the cover with no makeup on, I must say Amy & Sam look gorgeous with or without makeup, It's good that they done this as it shows that they are just normal people and shows how they look natural :)


Vintage Princess Jewellery..x

This is my Jewellery I have purchased over the past couple of months off a Girl name Laura Rutter who makes Jewellery she is the owner/designer of Vintage Princess Jewellery.
As you can see all my Jewellery I have purchased off her is Horse themed which I love. Her prices are affordable and the Jewellery is seriously amazing!! she is such a lovely girl and whatever you would like she will try her best to make it for you. I really would recommend her and I will definitely be buying more in the future :).

I have also purchased two pearl bracelets one for my Mum and Nan for Christmas presents which they loved and I had charms themed to which things they liked put onto them.

Paul Smith Xtreme Style Xtreme heat defence spray

I heard about the new range of Paul Smith products on one of SWalkerMakeups Videos, she said they smelt nice and that they worked quite well. I did notice these products in stores a few times and the packaging did make me want to buy them as it's one of my favourite colours but I didn't purchase any then I watched SWalkerMakeup's video and thought of purchasing a product from the range, I did have a look and pick one up but didn't buy it, I did smell them though and the products smelt gorgeous, I also noticed all the products smelt differently. Then today I saw that the range was buy one get one free so I had a look through and decided to buy the heat protection as I needed some more and it smelt really gorgeous and the free product I got the thickening cream which my mum had. I decided to purchase the heat protection as the other products I don't really use, I was thinking of purchasing the mousse but I tend to stick to one I know that works well for my hair so decided not to purchase this brands one just incase it didn't. I am going to try this out tomorrow, hopefully the scent will stay on my hair all day, I may even use it as a scent for my hair lol.

I will write more once I have tested this :) xoxo

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Mac Lipstick

Ok so as most people know Nicki Minaj brought out her own Mac Lipstick called Pink Friday which was promoting her album or something like that lol. Anyway I heard about this and had to purchase it but it was only available for I think 3 Fridays so the first Friday it was available I ordered it at 12pm of the Thursday night/Friday morning, I looked at pictures of it and it looked gorgeous but I thought it may have been slightly too bright, 2 days after it arrived and I fell in love instantly, I applied it straight away and it was perfect :) I instantly thought I MUST buy this again before it sells out, Unfortunately I didn't get hold of any more of it which I was disappointed about but I'm sure there must be a colour similar to this out there.

I haven't used it all yet I want to keep it for as long as possible but also wear it lol. Don't know how that will work but never mind.


L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub

So I was walking around the 24 hour Asda in town, I originally went in with Gavin just for some ear phones but decided to look at the face washes etc.. I've saw the product pictured above a few times and it did look quite interesting maybe because of the bottle shape, anyway I never thought of trying it but then I thought when I saw it I need some kind of face scrub ( as I'm trying to start looking after my skin again) So I saw this, saw it was only £3 and decided to purchase it, I got it home and tried it out that night. My normal skin care routine is just washing my make-up off with dove soap then washing with a simple face wash but I decided to use this scrub after I washed with the dove soap, I put some of the liquid onto the scrub pad which is the white circular thingymebob that pops out when you need to use it, then I used it on my face in circular movements all over, I was amazed!! it took off make-up which I thought had all been removed, I was literally amazed by this, It also smelt gorgeous enough to eat .. a kind of melony smell which I love!! after I used this all over my face I felt so refreshed and my skin felt so soft and clean I've only used it twice so far as I only brought it Monday night and I used it that night and Tuesday night and I am amazed. I will definitely be re purchasing this product :) 

Also there are more than this one available but I decided on this one as I loved the colour lol.
I would also recommend moisturising your skin after it like any other scrub it does dry the skin out a little 

Monday, 6 December 2010

Living in a Dream world....

There's this place I call my Dream World, it's real but feels like a Dream once I'm there, it just doesn't feel real. I feel like I belong there and I never want to come home. It's just a camp site in Shropshire, I never thought I'd ever feel so excited about such a place. The sun is always shining there, even with the rain it's just so beautiful. 
The first time I went on holiday here I think it was when I was about 15, but I'm not too sure. To be honest I wasn't too keen of it then as I always needed be near shops else I'd be bored and seeing as it is basically in the middle of nowhere I was very very bored, Then as I became older I grew more and more love for the place, It was like a home that I went to a few days a year. This year of being there I didn't have the best experience but the first day was absolutely amazing.
Hopefully next year will be a lot better, I really do hope so.

This is a picture my Boyfriend took of me at LLCP in 2009 in my favorite spot to chill out and just think. 


Charlie the tortoise :)

So my Mum had a tortoise the weekend, he's 3 years old & name Charlie, he's gorgeous :) so small and cute, he's always sleeping though so haven't got to see him waking around much as of yet. 

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winter Wonderland...

So I've been thinking about writing a blog for a while now... but never actually got round to making one, now here I am :)

The past week we had snow, not lots like some places but we had a fair bit, It was like a winter wonderland everywhere looked so much better coated in lovely white dust, I thought it was here to stay for quite a while but it leaves us on Saturday when it decides to rain :( so now winter wonderland has gone.. I really do hope it comes back as it has been beautiful. Fingers crossed we will have a white christmas :) how gorgeous would that be. xoxo