Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My 3 favourite things of last week

My first favourite thing of last week has to be Drayton Manor. I went there Saturday with my Dad, Brother, Boyfriend & Friend Derek we were none stop laughing all day we had such an amazing time I love it there.

My 2nd is Go Karting it literally is amazing I love the buzz I get off going so fast and it's so manly I love doing manly type activities lol. I went there last Tuesday with My Brother & Derek.

My 3rd has to be Mr Poppers Penguins starring Jim Carey. I went to see it last Monday with My Brother & Derek it was hilarious and a excellent film, I have to admit every film starring Jim Carey is brilliant and after all he is a great actor.

So that's my 3 favourite things of last week, I'll be uploading my 3 favourites of this week at the weekend xx


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