Friday, 30 September 2011

Lauren Goodger's Simply Be range

Eeekkk! I am so so so excited and I mean really excited (can you tell haha). I heard about Lauren Goodger bringing out a range for Simply Be a few days ago via Twitter and I instantly got excited because I absoloutely adore her, her tan is fab, her extensions look fab (I haven't tried them as of yet though) and now a clothing rang I was like ahhhhhhhhh! So I searched online and found the rang she is releasing for Simply Be. I did get in touch with Lauren's way via Twitter and they said the range will be released next week, I'm so excited!!! If you check out Lauren's way Tumblr Blog it has the rang of clothes on there that are being released and also more info on Lauren including photo shoot teaser pictures, pictures of her on nights out and much more. If you can't access it for any reason (which I shouldn't see would happen) then here is the pictures of the clothing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the LBD I'm definitely purchasing that it's so sophisticated and glam just like Lauren. Also don't forget to check out Lauren's way Tan and Hair Extensions that you can purchase here. Trust me you'll use her tan and you'll be saying 'The only way is Lauren's way' you won't want to use another tan after this believe me. 

(The quotations under the picture's aren't what I have wrote they are what I got off of the Tumblr Blog)
So here's the range..

Team this flattering LBD with an oversized blazer and killer heels' 

The blue 60’s shift dress also comes in red. We can see this paired with ballet flats and a statement bag.

This smart frock looks sleek and flattering, Enhances them gorgeous curves.

We can so see this white number being a hit in Essex. Add some Laurens Way, glittery platform heels and huge hair.

Great with a pair of skinnies and heels.

Isn't the range gorgeous? How could you not want to buy it all, I sure do want to buy it all! Check out the rang for yourself on the simply be website as of next week. 


Monday, 26 September 2011

I'm baccckkkkkkk :) & MUA

Aloha! :)

Gosh I haven't Blogged for a while, I was concentrating on other things like a Job interview I had and some other stuff then when I wanted to Blog my Internet decided to have an episode and didn't start working till yesterday, I'm so happy it's working now, I did miss it but also without it I got more things done, I actually got round to cleaning my room...well half of it (or should I say a quater) lol! Anyway I'm glad to be back and I have a few reviews for you, I love reviewing products (as you can probably tell) so here we go, I hope you enjoy reading :)

Whilst I had no internet I spent a lot of my time on Twitter on my mobile, chatting to other bloggers, getting involved with #bbloggers and just generally tweeting. The lovely MUA sent  me some products to review for them and I received them in the post today, I was so happy I rushed downstairs to get the package and couldn't wait to open it, when I did I could not believe the amount of products they gave me it's so kind of them, there really are some lovely products.

They sent me a Mascara in the colour Black/Brown, An eyeshadow pallet in 'Starry Night', A Blusher in Shade No.2, A Mosaic Bronzer in the Colour 'Sunkissed Glow' Shade No.2, A Trio eyeshadow in 'Blue Babe', A concealer in the shade Medium, A Eyeshadow in Shade 29 - Pearl and A Nail Varnish like Barry M's Crackle but this is called Nail Quake and it's in Black.

Here is some swatches of the products, I have tried them on my face yet as when I put them on my arm a few minutes after my arms started to itch, I'm not sure weather the products don't agree with my skin or maybe my skin was a little dry where I applied the products and maybe that's how the irritation occurred but I will try and use them as I do honestly think they are lovely.

This is a swatch of the Eyeshadow Pallet, The eyeshadows as you can see aren't very high pigmented they are more heading towards the sheer side which I like anyway. The pallet includes Blues, Greys, Purples, Pinks, Black and White, A lovely mixture of colours, very girlie.

This is a swatch of the Trio Eyeshadow, These colours are quite high pigmented actually but not too much and they also contain a nice sheen/shimmer. The trio includes a Dark Blue, Light Blue and a Shimmery White. I personally love them and hope that they look great on my eyes because the colours are amazing!

This is a swatch of the single Eyeshadow Shade 29 - Pearl. When I first saw it I knew it wouldn't appeal to me because I'm not really a fan of green on my eyes, actually I just swatched it again and it looks like a gold :/ hmm.. well either way I'm not too keen it doesn't really appeal to me and I don't like the consistency but for some people it may work for :)

The first swatch is the Mosaic Bronzer which I love the colour of it's just right and isn't orangey it's actually a nice light brown which I find hard to find so I'm really pleased with the colour of that it's fab! The second swatch is the Blusher which I love the colour of too and I hope it suits me and is ok on my skin because if it is I'll definitely be changing my Blusher to this one :)

This is the crackle polish (I only like to do it on one finger as I'm not a fan of having all my fingers like that). I really love it, I did purchase the Barry M one not long after it came out and I didn't like it at all but I think the reason may be because I put a bright pink varnish underneath and it did look a bit tacky but here I've put this one over Barry M's Raspberry and I adore it :)

I haven't yet to try out the Mascara but it does look quite good and the brush is lovely and thick so fingers crossed :). The concealer I will probably use on my lips as a base for my Lipstick as I don't tend to use concealer only on my lips as a base and it does seem ok but I don't know yet until I try it out so I will do another review on those too. If I'm ok applying these to my face I will also do a review of how they look on and do a few make-up looks for you too :)

I want to say thank you to MUA for sending me these products they really are lovely colours and I'm so glad that you have given me the opportunity to review some of your products for you.
MUA are such lovely people, If you follow them on Twitter they will help you with any queries or questions you would like to ask. At the moment the MUA Collection is only available in Superdrug but I think they are bringing in a website soon so if you follow them on twitter (click the twitter link above) then you will find out when they are going to launch it :)

I hope you enjoy reading and find this review useful and of help xx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bargain Earrings

Yesterday I went to my local supermarket (Sainsburys) with my Mum and Nan. I had a little look around the clothes section then noticed some jewellery on sale, I went over to look and saw this gorgeous pair of earrings, They were £6.50 but were in the half price sale so obviously I got them for £3.25 which I think is great and especially because these earrings are so different I haven't seen any like these before they are lovely. I love the fact that they start off with a nice blue stone like the good luck etc stones that my Nan has which I love then leads onto a type of bell then some thin chains. They are lush I wore them today, they aren't too heavy I thought they would be but they weren't. I love them so much think I'll probably be wearing them a lot.