Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Karma - What goes around comes back around?

As you can see by the Title this post is going to be about Karma, does what goes around comes back around actually happen? Here's my view and things that have happened to me.

When I was in School I didn't have much confidence, I could never be myself only if I was in a class full of people I felt comfortable around (which wasn't often). I only started really coming out of my shell in the last year of school. I did get bullied in high school but not major bullying but it did get me down sometimes. I don't really want to go into too much detail, not because of anything in particular because I don't mind writing about it but I just want to get straight to the point. Whenever I got bullied my parents or other people always use to say to me 'Don't worry it will come back on them' but you know what it never did, As far as I know it didn't anyway and till this day if anyone upsets me or does something mean or whatever I always think to myself 'it will come back on them' but I don't see it happening! Obviously it doesn't always necessarily happen straight away but I think the saying 'what goes around comes back around' is total crap but then again I've saw it happen for other people. Of course I wouldn't wish anything bad to happen to them I'm not a horrible person like that but a little thing for example whenever I've liked guys they have always messed with my head every single one, But I bet they don't have anyone mess with there heads, but who knows maybe it does happen but in ways we can't see. I've gave up on karma getting them back anyway because I'm a loyal genuine nice person and whoever messed with my head or bullied me well they lost out on someone they could of got to know!

Do you believe in Karma? 


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