Thursday, 31 May 2012

Some of my fave curvy women

This is a follow up from my last post, so here is pictures of the curvy ladies that I love and look up to and think they look amazing! 

This is Trisha Paytas, if you haven't heard of her she is a lady who makes Youtube videos, if you read my last post you can find a link to her video on there which will take you to her channel, her videos are fantastic and soo funny. I think Trisha looks great she is so pretty naturally and also with make-up on, she has a lovely figure and is full of confidence. 

I think you'll all know who this is, well if you watch The only way is essex that is. This is Gemma Collins I love her she is so lovely, beautiful and has a great figure too, she is also full of confidence and is such a positive person. I think she looks great in this photo and have never seen her looking any of the less. 

As you all probably know this is Billie Faiers, isn't she stunning! I love this girl she has amazing style, her make-up always looks flawless and she is also curvy, I wouldn't say very but she looks it on TV anyway. She literally always looks amazing when I see her on TV and in Magazine's etc.

These aren't all of the women that I think look great but I don't want to do too a long of post. There are also women who I see randomly around town who I don't actually know but think look great and also a few girls who blog and are on twitter.


All shapes and sizes

I have wrote a few blog posts in the past and also a guest post about curvy women/models and expressing my views etc but I don't think in those that I wrote about myself so here goes.. I have never been stick thin I take after my Dad so I am as they call 'big boned', I have always been tall and am around 5ft11 now I think but I'm not 100% sure, I've can't remember ever having a flat tummy but I did have one as I've looked through pictures of when I was about 10 and I did then I just don't remember it lol! I have never been hugely big I've just always had meat on my bones if you get my drift. In school I was bigger than I am now but since school I've gotten a lot taller, lost weight and have more of a shape to me. My weight tends to gather around my stomach area and the tops of my legs, I'm not wide which is a good thing because of my build. I have for so long wanted to loose the weight off my stomach and I have lost some but what I really need to do is tone up but I am so lazy when it comes to exercise, I love walking I could walk for hours but the thing I need to do is find something that I will enjoy that will help me tone up. I would like a flatter stomach than I have now but not completely flat because it's just not how I want to be. Sometimes I actually think I'm bigger than I am, I look in the mirror and think I look fine but when I'm out and about if I'm having a un confident day I will think I'm a lot bigger even though I know I'm not. 

The internet being as of cruel of place as it is I have been so many negative comments about curvier girls off skinny girls and off some men which I think is disgusting but I honestly think whatever size you are there is going to be negative people who will try and put you down, if they think you are fat they will call you that if they think you are too skinny they will say that, either to your face (which most don't) or online but all those people are, are bullies and for them to treat you in that way what does that say about those people?. Also a thing that I hear a lot is curvy/bigger women saying that a man will never be interested in them, well I've got something to tell you oh yes they will, not all men like the skinner girl believe it or not, and so what if you're not attracting every walking man's eye, you will most certainly attract one's eye and he will love you for who you are and also love the way you look. I have a boyfriend who loves me to bits and he thinks I am perfect the way I am, honestly you will all find someone he will drop into your life at some point. 

The most gorgeous girls I have seen are curvy and I'm not talking Kim Kadarshian curvy because lets face it she hasn't got the meat on her she just has a curvy shape, I'm on about the real curvy girls, For example Gemma Collins from the only way is essex, I adore her I think she is gorgeous and has a great body, I love all of the girls on Towie they are all beautiful and have great figures but in my opinion Gemma has the best figure and she has the most confidence out of all the girls on Towie which is brilliant I adore her, Obviously I'm not saying that all I think is that curvy girls are the only stunning ones because I'm not, I have seen some gorgeous skinny girls too.
Everyone is beautiful no matter what size you are, some people are naturally skinny some people aren't but honestly there are worse things to worry about in life than your body, obviously all of us have our ups and downs and body issues but as long as we are healthy and happy then what's better than that?

I am now going to do another post of the women I look up to they are all curvy but different sizes of curves. I'd also love you all to check out this lovely lady's video, her name is Trisha and her video is really inspirational and she gets to the point, she is one of the girls I look up to she is curvy and looks great! here is the video


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kleenex shine absorbing sheets

I heard about the Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets before they even came into stores after reading so many blog posts about the range that Kleenex where bringing out (they have brought out all different types of products alongside this one). I had never tried shine absorbing sheets until now I've always just packed on more powder once I've became shiny which isn't the best thing to do as it can look quite cakey at times and because I apply my powder with a brush it actually began to remove the foundation off of my nose because of the grease. I picked these sheets up a few months back now and used them once but didn't really bother again, I'm not sure why as they are great I think it was because I'm just so use to using powder, anyway these sheets are 'powder free' which is great, they come in a small white packet which is slim and can fit in any size bag which I think is fab! I'm not sure on how many sheets there are actually in the pack but believe me when I say there are lots. 

The sheets are purple, one side of the sheet has a purple flowery pattern and the other side is just purple, it is the un patterned side that you use to blot away the oil, you basically just press it onto where the oil is, I tend to get oily around my T-zone area.

Once you have tried these you will see what I mean when I say wow, the oil transfers onto the sheet but none of your make-up does also when I use my powder brush and it takes my make-up off my nose these don't it just completely removes the oil, pretty amazing huh? it leaves me looking matte and feeling fresh again. These are a life saver for my oily t-zone and I'd recommend you give them a go if you have oily skin.

When I purchased these they where on offer at £1.50 I think they are originally £2.99 but I see them on offer so often but either way they are very affordable and will last quite a while. I got mine from Sainsbury's and you can get them from other supermarkets too and also Boots and Superdrug. 

Overall these get a thumbs up from me!



Today I just went to a few grocery places with my Mum so she could get a few things and didn't do much else, I hate not doing much it's so boring and a waste of make-up haha! 
So here's what I wore today, The same style leggings as yesterday except these ones are a beige colour they where also from Riverisland they are like horse riding leggings, I teamed those with a Black vest from Dorothy Perkins, A Light pink sleeveless shirt from Dorothy Perkins which I wore open and my Bluebell Vans, I am obsessed with those shoes I love them so much. I forgot to mention that with all my outfits I obviously do carry a bag lol, I use a green satchel from Newlook that I have been using for a while now, I really need to start changing my bags around I have so many but just get lazy and use the same one everyday haha. So here's my outfit :) 


Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Today I didn't really do much just went to a small shopping centre type thing near me to have a nosey around Superdrug and pick up a few things, They have a 3 for 2 offer on in there at the moment so I got a bit tempted haha! Then after that I came back home and just chilled out in the garden and took quite a few photos, I love taking photo's especially when the sun is out. Today I wore a long black vest with a tiger on the front which was glittery and isn't as half as glittery now, it's the first time I've worn it since purchased and my leggings that I was wearing where covered in glitter after an hour which didn't look too bad lol, The vest was from Riverisland. I wore burgundy leggings with it which are also from Riverisland but they aren't like normal leggings they are extremely thick more like a jegging type and I teamed those with my Converse and my denim waistcoat, I love that waistcoat so much. So here are the photos :)


Monday, 28 May 2012

Hiiiiii & OOTD

Hello everyone, long time no see again.. I say this every time but my gosh I haven't blogged for so long yet again, I really really really want to start posting regularly again! Enough of my babbling on anyway, here's an Outfit of the day and my very first at that, I just randomly decided to take pictures of my clothes that I was wearing today on Instagram and though this is actually quite good so I will probably be taking photos of what I wear a few times a month but not everyday as some things are a bit boring lol. Anyway here is what I wore today, A Maxi dress that I brought to wear for my Mum's 40th last year and I wore it then and didn't again after that day so I'm going to get my wear out of it now, it is so gorgeous, My shoes that I think are so different and girlie and my denim waistcoat that I lurvveee. Unfortunately I couldn't get a full body shot as I have no full length mirrors only my Mum's mirrored wardrobes which do not exactly make me look great and I forgot to ask my family I was with today to take a picture but I think somewhere in my past blog posts I have a picture of me wearing it in a post about my Mum's 40th and that is a full body photo. I only popped to Asda today with my Mum, Nan & Granddad then to see my boy at the hospital but hey I can still wear something glam right? lol! 

Thanks for reading :) mwahhhh! xxx