Saturday, 27 August 2011

The only way is Lauren's way

I noticed a few days ago that the Lauren's way Tanning Kit was on offer for £20, I definitely wanted to purchase it again as it's the best tan I've used and with the offer of it being £20 instead of £34 I jumped at the chance, then I noticed a discount code for the tan on a blog I came across so I got the tan for £18.50, The tan without the discount code would of been £23.50 the £3.50 being the postage cost, but with using the code all I paid was £18.50 which is amazing. 

My Tan arrived yesterday and I got so excited when I got back home and it was there. The bottles have changed slightly since the first time I purchased Lauren's Way, The writing is different on the front, they include instructions and there's a lot more information on the bottle which I think is fab! Also the thank you card has changed from the last one too. I absolutely love Lauren's way, the tan is fab, the bottles are gorgeous and it's just overall amazing. I recommend you all buy it and also check out my other blog post here

You can purchase the Tan on the site that you will be directed to if you click on this link below Lauren's way
Also follow Lauren's way on twitter and  facebook they are really helpful and will answer any questions you have to ask regarding the products.

Lauren's way also sell Hair Extensions which can be purchased on the website too, They look lovely and I hope to buy some soon.

I hope you love the tan as much as I do if you do try it out!

Let me know what you think of Lauren's way

The only way is Lauren's way!


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