Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bargain Earrings

Yesterday I went to my local supermarket (Sainsburys) with my Mum and Nan. I had a little look around the clothes section then noticed some jewellery on sale, I went over to look and saw this gorgeous pair of earrings, They were £6.50 but were in the half price sale so obviously I got them for £3.25 which I think is great and especially because these earrings are so different I haven't seen any like these before they are lovely. I love the fact that they start off with a nice blue stone like the good luck etc stones that my Nan has which I love then leads onto a type of bell then some thin chains. They are lush I wore them today, they aren't too heavy I thought they would be but they weren't. I love them so much think I'll probably be wearing them a lot.


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