Sunday, 5 February 2012

YSL Rouge Volupte

Wow hello!
I haven't wrote on here for so long since before Christmas actually which is quite a long time seeing as I use to love posting regularly but I did have some sort of writers block (if that's what it's called). Oh I have missed blogging and will try and upload more now and get more into the scene again :).

This is going to be a review of the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in number 7 (lingerie pink) which I asked for for Christmas. It is simply gorgeous and the perfect pink colour for me!

I love the packaging it's so classy and I can never stop looking at it. 
The lipstick is creamy and very nourishing, it doesn't dry out the lips because it isn't matte, not all matte lipsticks do dry out the lips but I find some such as Barry M do but obviously YSL is of a lot higher end brand than Barry M and is a lot more pricey too.
The lipstick is the perfect barbie pink and looks really fresh and natural, I find the more I apply the lighter the colour appears to be which I love. It does last quite a while on the lips but when it does eventually fade it leaves a colour on the lip which I think is totally different to the colour of the actual product, it's more of a dark pink actually like I've applied a lip tint or something but it still is nice and after a long day were you may not be able to keep applying the lipstick I think this is great.

My mum actually purchased this off the Debenhams website for me and it retails at £23.50 which I think can be a little pricey but it does last quite a while. The lipstick can be purchased from anywhere that has a YSL counter or online.

I really would recommend this if you are looking for the perfect barbie pink :)