Monday, 15 August 2011

Loreal Paris colour infallible 24hold eye shadows

I purchased these 2 loreal eye shadow's not long after they came out which I think was early this year, I brought number 05.Purple Obsession and Number 14. Eternal Black.

The black eye shadow I wouldn't say is jet black, it has lots of glittery particles in it and the black seems to have a bluey undertone. The purple is completely different to the black and also goes on nicer it is quite sheer and pretty, They both stay on until I take them off and they don't crease or fade which is brilliant.

Here's me with the Eternal Black Eye shadow on, here it looks quite green, This is a picture from when I hadn't long brought the eye shadows and personally I wouldn't wear both of the eye shadows under my eyes again but only because I wasn't too keen on how they made my eyes look I tend to use natural tones under my eyes that bring the colour out and this day I thought my eyes looked kind of drag queen maybe it was because I put too much underneath my eyes.

Here's a swatch of both of the eye shadows, Excuse my scaly hand I hadn't scrubbed my tan off lol. This picture doesn't do them much justice and the purple seems to look blue but it doesn't it looks the same on the eye as it does in the pot.


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