Friday, 26 August 2011

My New Ring :)

My new ring arrived today that I ordered off Crafty Chics isn't it stunning? I absolutely love it! 
It's so cute and girlie I can't wait to wear it out and I'm going to take it on my mini break/holiday too. The lady who makes these is name Charlotte, she makes other stunning things too such as hair clips, hair bands and lots more, you can find her facebook page on the 'Crafty Chics' link above, if you just click on that it will direct you straight to her page. The prices of her products are amazingly affordable too which I love. I find that some jewellery makers charge quite a fair bit for some of there products and they are not even half as good as these rings.

I ordered a ring off Charlotte last year too which is gorgeous I've worse it so much and get so many compliments on it. I really cannot wait to order more off her. The rings and everything else she makes are really original too and I haven't seen anything even similar to these which is great as I love things that are a little bit different. 

I really advise that you add Crafty Chics and have a look at the jewellery etc that is on there, you will honestly love them and will want to spend your wages on them. I have to resist the temptation myself hehe.


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