Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pink Nail Extensions :)

So yesterday I had Acrylic's Applied, I wasn't sure were to go and get them done, I have always gone to the same Chinese Nail Salon but I've heard things such as that they use illegal products etc which I don't know if that is true or not it's just what I've been told and from past experience I never had any problems with going to those Nail Salons so I thought I may as well just go to the place I usually go to. 

I went in told the lady what I wanted then she gave me a colour chart, I wasn't sure what colour to have my nails because I was intentionally getting them done for my Mum's birthday party this weekend and I did want them to go with my Dress (which is blue) but my eye's were attracted to the pinky colours and I thought well the party is only one day and I didn't really want to pick a colour for my nails for just the one day and probably wouldn't like after that so I went with a Barbie Pink colour and I love them, The only problem was an hour after I had my nails done I had horrible pain in all my fingers and it felt like the nails were too tight but thankfully that pain has gone now. Over all I love them :) xx

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