Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Range

Saturday whilst I was out shopping I knew I needed a face wash as I'd ran out of my one I was currently using which was witch facial wash foam for oily skin. When I was in my local sainsbury's I noticed that the Clean & Clear range was on offer so I had a look, I noticed that there was only 2 of the products for oily skin left and the rest of the oily items were gone but the one for normal skin and the other (can't remember which the other ones where for) were all still there so I picked them up as they were on offer 2 for £5 and purchased them, I picked up the shine control daily facial wash and the daily facial scrub too. Once I got them home I had a little sniff as I like to see what the products smell like before I use them, I was not impressed they smelt like washing up liquid the dark green fairy washing up liquid, this put me off slightly but I used the facial wash anyway. 

The facial wash is the only one I have used so far and this claims to 'Give you shine free skin all day. Not only does the formula remove dirt, oil and impurities but also leaves your skin looking shine free all day'
Well from using this product for the past  4 nights I can say it does not do any of this, after the first use I noticed my skin felt constantly oily all night and the next day and I actually had more oil on my face than normal. Tonight was my 4th night of using this and right at this moment my nose feels so unbelievably greasy and vile and I cannot seem to get the feeling to go away, it feels to me like my face is dirty and I just feel vile. I know it's only the 4th night and some people may say it's too soon to be writing a review but honestly I feel so greasy, I won't be using this again and I will most definitely not be trying the facial scrub either as I could imagine this would not be much different. 

This product doesn't work for me but it may work for you but personally I would not recommend. 

Do any of you girls have any tips or know of anything that can help my oily t-zone?


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Yours clothing model

How stunning is the new model for Yours clothing? 

I think she is so beautiful


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sleek Pout Polish

Yesterday I went shopping to Merry Hill with the Boyfriend again, I didn't really get much this time just another ring from Primark in blue and also another style waist belt then I popped into Superdrug to get the Sleek Pout Polish I've been thinking about getting for a while, I got the polish in the colour 'Frosting' which is a gorgeous light pink I love it.

This cost  £4.50 I think but I'm not entirely sure although it was under five pounds. 
I was wary as whether to buy this at first as I had saw on some blog reviews that it didn't provide much colour and I'm not very keen on no colour on my lips but I just decided to purchase it seeing as I had been and tested it a few times on my hand but never purchased. Once I got it home I tried it on and it really does look lovely with a tan and gives just enough colour although I did have to put a new coats on to get the colour I desired but I don't mind that anyway. 
I really do love it and it would also look great over a pink lipstick. One thing I'm not too keen on though is the taste it gives which isn't very nice although when I smelt the product it smelt nice, don't quite understand that but it is lovely and I really would recommend it. 

You can purchase this from your local superdrug or superdrug online too.


Gok Wan for TU

I noticed in my local Sainsbury's last week that Gok Wan was launching his own clothing range with TU (the clothing brand within Sainsbury's) to be honest I didn't think much into it as I'm not usually particularly interested in the clothing sold at Sainsbury's. Today I went into my local Sainsbury's (sorry a lot of Sainsbury's mentioned here) and had a little look through the clothing section with my Mum and I caught a glimpse of the Gok Wan clothing (I'd forgotten that it was being launched today) so I went to have a look and I was amazed it was all so stunning and I mean all of it not just one piece, I wanted to purchase it all instantly (there was one women that did). The clothing is so elegant and classy but really affordable too which is great.

Here is the range...

The first item of clothing that caught my eye was the smart pencil skirt type dress which is something I have been looking for recently, I think it's gorgeous and really smart. This is actually called a Cheongsam Dress and is £45 and is also available in red. The kimono I think is absolutely gorgeous my Mum fell in love with it, it's so bright and different, this is £30 and also available in black. The Palazzo Pant that the beautiful model is wearing with the Kimono are also within the Gok range and they are  £30 and are available in coral also, I'm very tempted to purchase those if they suit my figure.

Next is this lovely Ultimate Wrap Dress which is £40 and also available in plain black and a print the same as the Kimono too. I love this as it's long and so smart also it looks a really nice fit too. 

The 'Perfect Fit Pant' look amazing don't they? I really think they are so nice, they are £25 and also available in Black and a Pinky Red.

Those are just a few of the pieces that Gok has launched, you can check out the rest here. He has also launched a few different types of shirts, A swing tux, A slash neck shift dress, A flirty dress, A stretch jodhpur that gives all over hidden support and A trapeze top. The range starts from £20 - £45 which is very affordable. I love these items and am definitely thinking about purchasing a few of the items. Gok was launching his range at a Sainsbury's in Cannock which is not too far from me today but unfortunately I couldn't make it boooo!

What are your thoughts on the range? do you love it or are you not so keen?


Sunday, 2 October 2011

MUA Starry Night Eyeshadow Pallet (Full Review)

Today, after finally cleaning my room (I'm so lazy) and it really did need a good clean, I decided to do some quick eye looks with the MUA Starry Night Pallet. Here is one look I used the 2 top left colours (pink and purple) and the purple on the end of the bottom row on the right. I just blended them using a Pretty Sporty soft eyeshadow brush that I got in a set from boots a few years ago. In my last review I said the eyeshadows weren't very high pigmented well they are but that may be because I put quite a lot on lol! My foundation base I used a Estee Lauder Double Wear tester in Beige, I hate the stuff it's so sticky and heavy and doesn't dry quick enough but I wanted to just use a quick base for this so picked that.

This second look I used the bottom row on the left grey, the 3rd and 5th colour on the top row and also the black lined under my eye oh and not forgetting the white. I didn't really like this probably because I used eyeshadow up to my brow and I hate doing that but I did anyway (I know weird right?)

Overall I think they are ok but I personally don't think I'll be wearing any of the colours as they are really shimmery too shimmery for me liking to be honest but maybe if I didn't use them as thick then who knows. I also tried the Bronzer and Blusher and I loved them so I will more than likely be using them at some point. I think I am still going to purchase the Heaven and Earth Pallet but I'm going to test it on my hand in store first if that's possible (I haven't seen testers for this brand).

Unfortunately this pallet doesn't work for me, I do love the girlie colours but they aren't what I like to wear but maybe they will work for you so why not try it? and for £2.50 you can't go wrong :)

Also to add my eyes started burning and my face itching after applying all the products I tried about today so unfortunately I won't be using any again as it obviously doesn't agree with my skin :( 


Saturday, 1 October 2011


Ok.. so I have decided everyday I am going to do a post (maybe more than one) of something/someone that I love, People I admire/Idol's, Products that I love/use etc etc. Just so I know I can do a post everyday about something and I love writing about thing's that I love so why not do this! Today I am going to write about someone who I admire and that someone is Lauren Goodger off The Only Way is Essex

How beautiful is she?

I loved Lauren from the first episode of TOWIE, She is gorgeous, always looks flawless and her style is stunning so is her hair too! In the first series of TOWIE I loved her but even more in the 2nd and also in the 3rd that is currently running at the moment, My reason is because in the 2nd and 3rd series of TOWIE we all got to know her a lot better. She in my eyes is definitely someone to look up to and admire, she is confident, stylish, independent, strong and successful! She has brought out her own Fake tan called Lauren's way (I'm sure you've all heard about it, if not then check it out it is literally amazing) and also hair extensions and is launching a clothes line for Simply Be (which is out sometime next week, check it out they are amazing pieces). 
I understand that some people may judge her by what she is like on the show but in my opinion why would you believe everything that is on Tv and at the end of the day she kept getting back with Mark because she loved him, don't all us girls fall into that trap at some point even if it's just someone we like? If they treat us like complete shit we still go back because we like/love them a lot and also I have read a few papers who write about her and I don't tend to believe any of the nasty stuff and if you do then obviously you must believe all bullshit that Magazines/Newspapers write! 

Obviously I don't know her personally but I think she's a lovely, strong, independent, successful women who is making a good career of herself and she will most definitely get far (she already has now). She is most definitely someone I look up to and I hope to become as successful as her one day!


MUA Professional Eye Primer

I picked this Primer up whilst in Superdrug Thursday with my Mum, After previously being sent some products from MUA to review I loved them, heard they did an eye primer so knew I had to try it out. I've never used an eye shadow primer before then I watched a few youtube videos of people using them and that they bring out the eyeshadow's colour more and also stop them from creasing which I loved instantly as my eyeshadow tends to crease but not till after I've had it on for a good 6 hours which is good anyway but sometimes it does crease earlier than that. So when I heard MUA had one I went out and purchased it, I tried it for the first time today, It went on really well not sticky or heavy, it dried within seconds and then I applied my normal day to day eyeshadow, instantly the eyeshadow looked a lot darker and the colour stood out more which was lovely. 

The MUA Primer Box states 'Long Lasting, Smoothing, No Crease' Apply primer to eyelids before make-up to create a more vibrant eyeshadow colour for long - lasting wear without fading or creasing. I applied the Primer after I'd applied my face primer that I also put on my eyes and my foundation, I'm not sure weather what the box stated means I should put on the primer before my foundation application but I use a face primer for that anyway. The primer did work well and I applied it at 12.30pm and when I checked at 7pm of the afternoon I had no creasing and the colour was still bold and lovely but when I checked at 9.30pm just as I was removing my make-up my eyeshadow was creased and the colour had faded but not as bad as normal and it didn't look too bad.

Overall I am happy with the product and for £2.50 you can't go wrong. I can't really compare it to any other primer as I haven't tried another brand of eye primer as of yet but I do think this one is good and when it's used up I will probably purchase it again if I do decide to use it on a regular basis. I cannot wait to get my hands on the MUA 'heaven and earth' pallet now :)

(I did try and upload a picture of my one of my eye's of how my eyeshadow looked over the primer but it's saying there is an error and won't let me upload one so I will try and add one tomorrow)