Friday, 5 April 2013

Wow Pamper Lounge Professional Eyebrow Stencil Kit

One of the lovely ladies at Wow Pamper Lounge gave me the opportunity to pick some products off of there website that I liked the look of and would like to try out so I decided to choose the Professional Eyebrow Stencil Kit as I have never used a powder for my brows before, I have always used a brow pencil. 
The packaging that the item came in was a pink wrapping paper which was lovely and I was so excited to open them, When I did I was instantly impressed when I saw this lovely little pink bag. 

In the bag was the brow kit in the shade 'Dark Brown', A small applicator and the stencils (I didn't take a photo of those, I had tried them out and I couldn't get the brow powder off them, they looked too unclean to photograph lol).

I chose the dark brown as my eyebrows are virtually black and the powder on the right was a perfect match for me. I found the applicator to work quite well although I think if the brush had been a bit smaller it would of worked better, for me anyway. The powder is very highly pigmented and I didn't need to use a lot which is great, I hate powders that have no pigmentation, what is the point of those.

I did try the stencils out but because my eyebrows are thicker than them they didn't work for me, I think that they would be perfect for someone with thinner brows who need more shape to them.  I can't really say how the lasting power is as I didn't wear this for a full day but I imagine that it would stay quite well.

You can see the difference that the powder makes to my brows and how much fuller they look when filled it. 
Overall I do like it but I have been so use to using a pencil and I know that it wont budge at all, all day and I can create the shape I want to my brow whereas with the powder I can't seem to do that so personally I don't think I'll be converted to using brow powders just yet but maybe in the future who knows!

The brow kit costs £15 there are 3 shades available and they can be purchased from the wow pamper lounge website

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nivea Lip Butter

I first heard about the new Nivea Lip Butter's from seeing a few blog posts about them then I saw them in boots not long after. I wasn't really interested in buying them as I usually just buy any lip balms, mainly the vaseline ones which I find don't work very well anyway but I still buy them, pointless really. Anyway I saw these in Sainsbury's last week and knew I was in need of a new lip balm. This one attracted me because I love the smell of raspberry's, as soon as I smelt it I fell in love so purchased it straight away. 

I have to say it does smell lovely and is very addictive. I am one of these people who is constantly putting on lip balm when I'm at home, I'll put it on repeatedly for about an hour which really is probably not the best thing to do. It is moisturising but I don't find it any different to the vaseline ones apart from it smells and looks much better and is obviously a butter and not vaseline but I know I will continue to buy it because of the scent.

These are £1.99 and be found it literally most stores such as Boots, Superdrug and Supermarkets. 

Monday, 1 April 2013

A catch up...

Last week I really wanted to go to Sutton as I hadn't been since last year, it looked so nice all covered in snow, yes we had more snow. I love the snow but we had quite a lot January/Feb time and to have it again and lots of it in what's meant to be spring is annoying and it just becomes a pain. 

I use lip balms constantly and when I mean constantly I can sit there for hours keep applying it until I get a horrible taste in my mouth from using too much, it doesn't help when it smells nice too like this one does that I purchased the other day from Sainsbury's. I had heard about the new nivea lip butters when they first came out but didn't really smell them until the other day and I fell in love with this one and had to get it. 

I am in love and have been since January with my highlighter, I had never used one before as I always steered towards a very matte looking face but I hate that now and I watched a you-tuber use this one, I ordered it straight away and haven't stopped using it ever since, I feel weird when I am not wearing it, like there's something missing on my face.

I love love love and am probably in love with Costa! 
I go there at least once a week and love it. I didn't like these bourbons when I first tried one but then I tried one again and thought it was ok, I think it depends on my mood whether I like it or not. They are so huge and can be quite sickly but I love taking photo's of them. I wouldn't have them on a regular basis, I much prefer the hot chocolate.