Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer

I first heard about the Lip Laquer's I think just before Christmas or maybe a bit before that, I came across a few blog posts on them and couldn't wait for them to be available in store to buy so I could try them out. The reviews I saw where pretty good and one thing I noticed was that the lacquer's where super pigmented which I love, I hate lip products that are sheer and have no pigmentation. 

All together there are eight different colour lacquer's. The shade range isn't too bad but I think maybe it could be a little better. The darker shades do look really nice but I don't tend to wear reds or bright shades, I always stick to light pink lipstick and sometimes light coral so I didn't purchase any of those and decided to pick up two of the more neutral shades instead because I knew I'd be more likely to wear those. I picked up 'Luna' and 'Nude Eclipse'

I didn't actually purchase these both at the same time. I decided to first get Luna because it looked like it came across as a coral colour which I love, I tried it on and it doesn't come off as coral at all but I think that's because my lips are naturally really red so I have to use a base to get colours to show up lighter on them. On me it comes off as a very deep orange that stands out, I do like it but it's more of a summer shade so that's when I'll probably wear it.

I then read some more reviews of the Lacquers to see some pictures of what the nude shade looked like as I had thought of getting that one next, I liked the look of it so purchased that the next time I went into boots. My idea was that hopefully if this nude suited me that I could wear this a few times now and Luna in the summer but I'm not keen on it at all, there's just something about the colour of it when on that I don't like and it's a funny kind of nude, I may try it out again when I have different make-up on but I can't see myself becoming a fan of it if I'm honest although on some people it does look gorgeous so it is worth trying out. 

Overall I think that they are worth trying out, They are very highly pigmented which is great, they don't smell bad and they have a nice glossy finish which can brighten up your face instantly. I haven't tried these out enough to know how long they last on the lips but I'm guessing the darker/brighter colours will probably last longer and may even leave a slight lip stain effect.

When I purchased these they where on offer, I think I got them on an offer of so much off but I'm not 100% sure. They are originally £5.99 and you can buy them from Boots and Super drug, They are currently 3 for 2 on the boots website.