Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Tag

I saw this tag on another blog and thought that I would give it a go :)

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas? 

I can't really pick one thing. I love getting up really early and opening presents with my family, I also love going to have Christmas dinner and spend time with the rest of my family and just seeing all the Christmas lights that are around, going to the German market, just everything Chrismassy is general. I love snow but we are never guaranteed that and when we do get it it's usually January, I'd love it to snow Christmas day. 

2. What is your favourite make up look for the festive season? 

I tend to keep my make up the same as usual but this year I think I may wear a darker lip, I'm not sure yet.

3. Real tree or fake tree? 

I think we had a real tree years ago but I don't really remember it much, we have always had fake tree's mainly. It doesn't bother me really, I do think the real trees can look nice but honestly I'm not really bothered if it's real or fake, they both look nice. 

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?

 Giving because it just feels nice to but I also love receiving presents, I can't choose!

5. Do you open Christmas presents morning or evening?

Morning! Evening would be strange, I stick to tradition. 

6. Hand made Christmas cards or brought? 

Hand made cards are lovely and I love making them too but there are so many nice ones in the shop's. This year I have brought mine from M&S but usually I order them off so I can have them personalised and put pictures on them ect. So I'd say cards that are brought, but I do like both. 

7. What is your favourite Christmas film?

I have so many favourites. Miracle on 34th street is a lovely film, Jingle all the way is amazing! I watch so many different ones I can't name all the ones I love else I'd be here all day.

8. What is your favourite Christmas food?

Now this is going to sound strange but I am not a fan of Sunday roasts at all but I love Christmas dinner, I think it's because there is more of a different variety on there like pigs in blankets.

9. What is your favourite Christmas song?

Definitely 'Winter Wonderland' and 'All I want for Christmas is you'.

10.  What is your favourite Christmas memory? 

I can't really say I have one apart from maybe when it snowed the one year of the Christmas day night, I loved it :) 

Zara Mini Bowling Bag

I have always loved bags, even when I wasn't into fashion and clothes I still brought lots of bags and I mean lots. I still have so many bags that I really should sell, some of them haven't even been used. Nowadays I just like a black, small, smart bag, nothing OTT or colourful. I do see some really big bags but I never buy them because I just over fill them, then they end up hurting my arm and I hate carrying a bag in the crook of my arm, it feels like I am carrying a weight around all day, Saying that I do over fill my small bags that's why they end up splitting because the handles can't cope with the weight. The bag pictured is what I got for my 21st birthday from Zara it is called the 'Mini Bowling Bag With Clasp Fastening'.

The bag is small but very deep. It fits so much in yet it looks small and sleek. I think it's great for everyday use. It has handles so it can be held or a long strap (that can also he clipped off if you wish to not have it on there) that can go over your shoulder which is what I prefer. It's the first time I have used this bag today and I love it, the only problem I have is that the strap slips off my shoulder but I have that problem with most of my bags anyway when they're new. The quality is amazing which I expect from Zara anyway but I have heard that some of there bags aren't of a very good quality, I can't comment on that as this is the first bag I have had from there. I have my eye on another black bag on there at the moment which I may get but I'm not sure yet.

The bag was £29.99 and it was ordered off the Zara website. I'm not sure if it is available in store as I don't really visit the stores on a regular basis, I have only been in once but it is still available online. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

I have tried so many heat protection sprays since from about the age of 12/13, I even use to get my Mum to buy me one from the hairdressers I went to which was £17 and it wasn't even really that good. I am a firm believer of that when using heat on your hair you should always use something to protect your hair from that heat, without that protection your hair will just frazzle, burn and eventually break off especially if you use GHD's as they're so hot, I had this experience when I first started using GHD's and ended up having to have a lot of the length of my hair cut off which is never good if you love having long hair like I do. Now as I said I have tried many heat protection sprays over the past few years and I've never really noticed anything different with them so I just ended up picking up any that smelt nice in the end and just used that, then I purchased one of the Lee Stafford Flat Iron sprays from the Clothes Show in 2011, I didn't use it until a few months after I purchased it and I only ran out a few days ago, it lasts so long. This protection mist is amazing, it helps my hair stay in good condition, add's more shine, and helps prevent the heat of GHD's from ruining my hair it's also great for using on my hair before I blow dry too which is what I use it mostly for now as I rarely straighten my hair at all nowadays. 

I went to the Clothes Show again this year and that is where I picked up these three bottles. The Lee Stafford stand is always the first stand I go to when I go to CSL because I love the products and I am a very big fan of Lee Stafford and this time I got to meet him and had a picture with him (OMG!). The deals that are on are always so good, I got four products for £12 which is such a great deal and I also picked up the dark dry shampoo to try and may I say that it is incredible. 
Nowadays I mainly use the heat protection mist on my hair extensions and on my hair before blow drying it, it is great on hair extensions and helps keep them in good condition so they last longer. The scent of the spray is what I love the most, it smells like all the other Lee Stafford products, quite masculine but not too masculine and once settled it leaves my hair smelling so sweet. When you spray the mist it doesn't drizzle out it gives a huge spray that's light so it can cover a large amount of hair and you don't really need to use much.

You can pick up the mist from most Boot's stores and also on the Boot's website where you can also purchase all the rest of the Lee Stafford products. I would highly recommend the volume shampoo and the hairspray too if you want big hair, they work so well together and give a lot of volume. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

My favourite red lip combination for the Christmas season

I have been searching for the perfect red lip colour for so long now and I think I may have found it. I am always cautious about red lipstick as some can give the look of a clown and some shades can look very tarty and cheap too. I did use to have a red lipstick that suited me so well but it was out of a make-up kit I had and I threw it away. I saw the matte lipsticks that Kate Moss brought out for rimmel months ago and had my eye on this red then but I wasn't too sure of it, the reviews where good and the pictures I saw of people with it on looked great but I just still wasn't 100% sure, then I saw Zoella wearing it in one of her youtube videos and it looked amazing on her. Every time I went into boots I swatched it and went to buy it but didn't end up purchasing it then Saturday I saw boots had 3 for 2 on again so I just thought what the hell why not try it so I picked up the red in number 107. I tried the lipstick on once I got home and it applies so nicely, it is matte but not too matte that it looks really dry and doesn't dry out the lips either, I would recommend applying a lip liner on with it though as it does look so much better with one, I purchased one from rimmel which I will talk about in a moment. On it's own the lipstick looks very striking, well on my lips anyway, it will look slightly different on everyone depending on your natural lip colour. I honestly wasn't keen on it without using my lip liner underneath it was too bold for me.

This is the lip liner I picked up to wear with the lipstick, I loved this lip liner as soon as I saw Sammi a.k.a beauty crush wearing it in one of her youtube videos and I knew I had to have it. The lip liner is 063 black tulip and it's by rimmel too. This is a very 'black cherry' shade which I love. This applies very softly and is a lot creamier than any other lip liner I have used, it is so easy to apply. On it's own it gives a nice matte dark deep red finish, it can be worn on it's own or with the lipstick over, I just put a thin layer of the lipstick over and it gives a perfect red lip which is dark and doesn't look OTT it looks so classy and is perfect for over the Christmas period and the rest of the winter months. 

I think this colour anyone could pull off whether you are pale, tanned or darker. It does look slightly different under certain lighting on photo's but really there isn't much of a difference just maybe slightly darker looking in some lights to others. 

I had both of these products from my local boots which have 3 for 2 on at the moment but you can get them from anywhere that stocks rimmel such as superdrug, supermarkets or even online.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Yankee Candle: Christmas Cupcake

I am a very very big fan of Yankee Candle's so when I was told that there was 25% off the Christmas Yankee Candles in my local Smart Idea's cards and gifts store I had to get there quick!. I had a sniff of most of the Christmas candles that where there but none really took my fancy, then I noticed the Christmas cupcake one's and I knew I'd love these because I love the vanilla cupcake candles. I gave them a sniff and was in love. They smell very similar to the vanilla cupcake but there is something a little different about the Christmas cupcake but I can't quite put my finger on what it might be. I had a look at what was to offer and I was stuck between getting the samplers pictured above or the tarts, I heard that the tarts last longer but I haven't got an oil burner and couldn't find one I liked so decided to get a few of the samplers. I then thought I have no candle holders so I had a look around smart ideas and my boyfriend pointed out the lovely candle holder which is pictured above, I thought it was so cute and simple and knew that I had to have it. The samplers cost £1.35 each and the Yankee Candle holder was £2.95. I was so pleased and may even got back for more, I think I'm getting a candle addiction they smell so good, I will definitely be lighting these nearer to Christmas day. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

St Tropez Bronzing Lotion Dark

I think it was about 2 months ago maybe less or maybe more I'm not entirely sure but I entered a give away on carlottasbeautyspot 's blog to win a bottle of the new St Tropez Dark, A few Blogger's where running these give away's  (I also won a St Tropez mousse off of another Blog which I will be reviewing once I have tried it out), I was intrigued as I had never tried St Tropez before and I love a dark but natural tan so seeing this excited me. A few weeks after entering the give away Charlotte of Carlottasbeautyspot tweeted me saying that I was one of the winners, I sent her my details and told her which tan I would like to review (I had a choice between the lotion or spray I chose the lotion) then about 2 weeks after the tan arrived, I didn't try the tan straight away as I was finishing off my beloved Lauren's Way Tan which I love. 

I tried the tan out last month and have been using it ever since. When I applied it for the first time I was nearly put off by how highly perfumed it was but after using it several times I have got use to the scent and don't find it a problem now. The lotion is tinted so you can see where you are putting it which is great I love tans that have this, it does apply really nicely, I use it on a mitt. The colour pay off is really natural and a really nice colour but once I've had a second shower of the day the colour tends to fade a lot which I do find with most tan's I have used anyway. To get a dark colour I would recommend 2 coats, It fades nicely and doesn't dry out the skin, I think it does include a lot of oil well it feels like it does anyway which is good as it keeps the skin moisturised and soft, the only problem I do have with this tan is that it doesn't seem to dry, I have been using Lauren's way tan for so long and that dries instantly, I could put my clothes straight on after applying that and go out to wherever I needed whereas the St Tropez I feel sticky and it doesn't seem to dry whatsoever until I have woke up the next morning and it's dry then but I still feel slightly icky. 

I don't think I would personally purchase this Tan myself but only because of that it doesn't dry and the colour pay off is nice but isn't as dark as I would of liked within using one coat, I'm not sure if there is a tan which does give a pretty dark pay off after one coat but I don't really like applying two coats of tan unless I have to but other than that it is a lovely tan and I would recommend anyone to give it a go and see if you like it, for some people it may be perfect for some it may not but as they say you won't know if you don't try!

You can purchase the new St Tropez Dark range from Super drug and Boot's and also Online from sites such as FeelUnique. This St Tropez Lotion retails for around the £25 mark depending on where you purchase it from. 

Let me know if you do try this lotion or if you do already have it and what are your thoughts do you love it or hate it? 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Celliana Online Jewellery Review

A few weeks ago I was on Twitter and saw a retweet off of someone from a online jewellery company called, the retweet said that the company where looking for bloggers who where interested in reviewing one of their products for them, I had a look at their website and then tweeted them saying I was interested, Their jewellery was so gorgeous how could I not of wanted to do a review for them. A lovely lady from the company got in touch with me and asked me to pick a item which I liked, It was so difficult as all of the pieces where so lovely but I found one bracelet which caught my eye so I contacted her back with the item which I loved. I received the Bracelet pack a couple of days after, I was so excited I could not wait to open the package, I opened it and fell in love straight away. 

This bracelet I chose is called the 'Spiky Bracelet Pack' it is so on trend right now. The bracelet's can all be worn together or separately depending on which you prefer. The colour as you can see is a nice red, I am loving the colour red at the moment. This bracelet pack is really gorgeous but the only down fall is I do find the quality does seem a little cheap but not the cheap where they would snap or break. This bracelet to buy costs £15, I personally would not pay that much for this pack but that may just be my opinion, But overall I do like it a lot. here is the link to the pack which I was sent, I do recommend you take a look if you like jewellery as there are some very lovely pieces on their. 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have reviewed this bracelet pack for and would like to thank the lovely lady who contacted me back.    


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My first ever Mac product

My first ever Mac Product was when I was in senior/high school I think I was about 14/15 at the time. I had found out about Mac make-up from online and was interested in getting something from the range, Then I was into a nude lip and I can't remember whether I had heard about Myth or if I just picked it up as I liked the colour I'm not too sure but anyway Myth Lipstick was my very first ever Mac product. 

I think most of you already know what Myth looks like, unfortunately this photo isn't a very good one but Myth is a nice nude lipstick, the best one I have found. This isn't the exact one I had when I was younger but it's the one I purchased after using the first one up and I still do actually have the case of my first ever Myth but it has no product left in obviously lol. 

My Nan brought me my first Myth from the Mac counter in Beaties in a town near me and I was so in love with it. I remember feeling so excited (I still do now when I buy there lipsticks). The Myth pictured above I have had for quite a while, I'm not sure how long but I don't really use it much I'm more of a baby pink lip girl now a days but do reach for it occasionally. 

Since my first Mac lipstick I have been addicted, I haven't brought many because I only really wear pink colours now but I do have Saint Germaine, Nicki Minaj pink friday, Viva Glam Nicki, Viva Glam Lady gaga and Angel which I'm not too keen on and haven't really used much, My own fault for not going to see what it was actually like in store and just ordering it offline.

So there it is my first ever mac product, I do recommend there lipsticks and they last so long, great quality and well worth the money.


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Some of my fave curvy women

This is a follow up from my last post, so here is pictures of the curvy ladies that I love and look up to and think they look amazing! 

This is Trisha Paytas, if you haven't heard of her she is a lady who makes Youtube videos, if you read my last post you can find a link to her video on there which will take you to her channel, her videos are fantastic and soo funny. I think Trisha looks great she is so pretty naturally and also with make-up on, she has a lovely figure and is full of confidence. 

I think you'll all know who this is, well if you watch The only way is essex that is. This is Gemma Collins I love her she is so lovely, beautiful and has a great figure too, she is also full of confidence and is such a positive person. I think she looks great in this photo and have never seen her looking any of the less. 

As you all probably know this is Billie Faiers, isn't she stunning! I love this girl she has amazing style, her make-up always looks flawless and she is also curvy, I wouldn't say very but she looks it on TV anyway. She literally always looks amazing when I see her on TV and in Magazine's etc.

These aren't all of the women that I think look great but I don't want to do too a long of post. There are also women who I see randomly around town who I don't actually know but think look great and also a few girls who blog and are on twitter.


All shapes and sizes

I have wrote a few blog posts in the past and also a guest post about curvy women/models and expressing my views etc but I don't think in those that I wrote about myself so here goes.. I have never been stick thin I take after my Dad so I am as they call 'big boned', I have always been tall and am around 5ft11 now I think but I'm not 100% sure, I've can't remember ever having a flat tummy but I did have one as I've looked through pictures of when I was about 10 and I did then I just don't remember it lol! I have never been hugely big I've just always had meat on my bones if you get my drift. In school I was bigger than I am now but since school I've gotten a lot taller, lost weight and have more of a shape to me. My weight tends to gather around my stomach area and the tops of my legs, I'm not wide which is a good thing because of my build. I have for so long wanted to loose the weight off my stomach and I have lost some but what I really need to do is tone up but I am so lazy when it comes to exercise, I love walking I could walk for hours but the thing I need to do is find something that I will enjoy that will help me tone up. I would like a flatter stomach than I have now but not completely flat because it's just not how I want to be. Sometimes I actually think I'm bigger than I am, I look in the mirror and think I look fine but when I'm out and about if I'm having a un confident day I will think I'm a lot bigger even though I know I'm not. 

The internet being as of cruel of place as it is I have been so many negative comments about curvier girls off skinny girls and off some men which I think is disgusting but I honestly think whatever size you are there is going to be negative people who will try and put you down, if they think you are fat they will call you that if they think you are too skinny they will say that, either to your face (which most don't) or online but all those people are, are bullies and for them to treat you in that way what does that say about those people?. Also a thing that I hear a lot is curvy/bigger women saying that a man will never be interested in them, well I've got something to tell you oh yes they will, not all men like the skinner girl believe it or not, and so what if you're not attracting every walking man's eye, you will most certainly attract one's eye and he will love you for who you are and also love the way you look. I have a boyfriend who loves me to bits and he thinks I am perfect the way I am, honestly you will all find someone he will drop into your life at some point. 

The most gorgeous girls I have seen are curvy and I'm not talking Kim Kadarshian curvy because lets face it she hasn't got the meat on her she just has a curvy shape, I'm on about the real curvy girls, For example Gemma Collins from the only way is essex, I adore her I think she is gorgeous and has a great body, I love all of the girls on Towie they are all beautiful and have great figures but in my opinion Gemma has the best figure and she has the most confidence out of all the girls on Towie which is brilliant I adore her, Obviously I'm not saying that all I think is that curvy girls are the only stunning ones because I'm not, I have seen some gorgeous skinny girls too.
Everyone is beautiful no matter what size you are, some people are naturally skinny some people aren't but honestly there are worse things to worry about in life than your body, obviously all of us have our ups and downs and body issues but as long as we are healthy and happy then what's better than that?

I am now going to do another post of the women I look up to they are all curvy but different sizes of curves. I'd also love you all to check out this lovely lady's video, her name is Trisha and her video is really inspirational and she gets to the point, she is one of the girls I look up to she is curvy and looks great! here is the video


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kleenex shine absorbing sheets

I heard about the Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets before they even came into stores after reading so many blog posts about the range that Kleenex where bringing out (they have brought out all different types of products alongside this one). I had never tried shine absorbing sheets until now I've always just packed on more powder once I've became shiny which isn't the best thing to do as it can look quite cakey at times and because I apply my powder with a brush it actually began to remove the foundation off of my nose because of the grease. I picked these sheets up a few months back now and used them once but didn't really bother again, I'm not sure why as they are great I think it was because I'm just so use to using powder, anyway these sheets are 'powder free' which is great, they come in a small white packet which is slim and can fit in any size bag which I think is fab! I'm not sure on how many sheets there are actually in the pack but believe me when I say there are lots. 

The sheets are purple, one side of the sheet has a purple flowery pattern and the other side is just purple, it is the un patterned side that you use to blot away the oil, you basically just press it onto where the oil is, I tend to get oily around my T-zone area.

Once you have tried these you will see what I mean when I say wow, the oil transfers onto the sheet but none of your make-up does also when I use my powder brush and it takes my make-up off my nose these don't it just completely removes the oil, pretty amazing huh? it leaves me looking matte and feeling fresh again. These are a life saver for my oily t-zone and I'd recommend you give them a go if you have oily skin.

When I purchased these they where on offer at £1.50 I think they are originally £2.99 but I see them on offer so often but either way they are very affordable and will last quite a while. I got mine from Sainsbury's and you can get them from other supermarkets too and also Boots and Superdrug. 

Overall these get a thumbs up from me!



Today I just went to a few grocery places with my Mum so she could get a few things and didn't do much else, I hate not doing much it's so boring and a waste of make-up haha! 
So here's what I wore today, The same style leggings as yesterday except these ones are a beige colour they where also from Riverisland they are like horse riding leggings, I teamed those with a Black vest from Dorothy Perkins, A Light pink sleeveless shirt from Dorothy Perkins which I wore open and my Bluebell Vans, I am obsessed with those shoes I love them so much. I forgot to mention that with all my outfits I obviously do carry a bag lol, I use a green satchel from Newlook that I have been using for a while now, I really need to start changing my bags around I have so many but just get lazy and use the same one everyday haha. So here's my outfit :) 


Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Today I didn't really do much just went to a small shopping centre type thing near me to have a nosey around Superdrug and pick up a few things, They have a 3 for 2 offer on in there at the moment so I got a bit tempted haha! Then after that I came back home and just chilled out in the garden and took quite a few photos, I love taking photo's especially when the sun is out. Today I wore a long black vest with a tiger on the front which was glittery and isn't as half as glittery now, it's the first time I've worn it since purchased and my leggings that I was wearing where covered in glitter after an hour which didn't look too bad lol, The vest was from Riverisland. I wore burgundy leggings with it which are also from Riverisland but they aren't like normal leggings they are extremely thick more like a jegging type and I teamed those with my Converse and my denim waistcoat, I love that waistcoat so much. So here are the photos :)


Monday, 28 May 2012

Hiiiiii & OOTD

Hello everyone, long time no see again.. I say this every time but my gosh I haven't blogged for so long yet again, I really really really want to start posting regularly again! Enough of my babbling on anyway, here's an Outfit of the day and my very first at that, I just randomly decided to take pictures of my clothes that I was wearing today on Instagram and though this is actually quite good so I will probably be taking photos of what I wear a few times a month but not everyday as some things are a bit boring lol. Anyway here is what I wore today, A Maxi dress that I brought to wear for my Mum's 40th last year and I wore it then and didn't again after that day so I'm going to get my wear out of it now, it is so gorgeous, My shoes that I think are so different and girlie and my denim waistcoat that I lurvveee. Unfortunately I couldn't get a full body shot as I have no full length mirrors only my Mum's mirrored wardrobes which do not exactly make me look great and I forgot to ask my family I was with today to take a picture but I think somewhere in my past blog posts I have a picture of me wearing it in a post about my Mum's 40th and that is a full body photo. I only popped to Asda today with my Mum, Nan & Granddad then to see my boy at the hospital but hey I can still wear something glam right? lol! 

Thanks for reading :) mwahhhh! xxx


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Real Techniques Powder and Blush Brushes

As you all probably know Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on most things in store and have done for the past 3 weeks I think it has been. I decided I wanted to buy a few things but wasn't sure what (basically I had money and wanted to waste it on things that would make me happy for 5 seconds lol) I knew about the Real Techniques brushes and had heard a lot of good things about them, Now I'm the kind of person who has always stuck to cheap brushes and they have done the job for me but I though hey ho I might as well try some decent brushes for a change so I picked up the Powder Brush and the Blush Brush.

I picked those ones up because those are the main brushes I use apart from a foundation brush but I just use a cheap one of those (I think I may need to invest in a better quality one).
The first time I used these brushes I noticed the difference of that they were from my cheap usual ones, They were so soft on the skin and applied my makeup so differently to which my others did, My bronzer didn't look cakey and my blusher looks so natural and blended wonderfully. 
I use the powder brush for my translucent powder and also for my bronzer as I use bronzer all over my face everyday. It does make such a difference and my makeup looks flawless.

I would highly recommend these brushes they are fantastic, I have been using mine for about two weeks now and I am so impressed. Stock up quick whilst the boots 3 for 2 offer is still on ;)



Wow! I haven't wrote for so long, I really need to get back into the swing of things and get up some regular posts again. 
Since I last wrote I have done quite a few new things such as a Business and Administration Course which I was on last month, I popped my Nando's virginity January and it was amazing Nando's is soo good as I presume you all know, then I went back again a few weeks ago it's so delish, I don't want to start going too often though as I may get bored lol!
I still haven't yet to find a job which is so horrible it's actually quite a horrible feeling, I have dreams and ambitions but it seems that I can't fulfil them, I feel kind of like I'm stuck in a rut but all I can do is keep thinking positive :)!
Last week it was my Granddad's 70th Birthday so all of us went for a Carvery which was so yummy, I don't usually like roast dinners but carvery's are too die for. I then went back to the carvery in my local town the next day with the Boyfriend, I'm such a fatty! haha. 
Easter Sunday we had my Nan's and Granddad around for dinner then we went over to my Nan's to see the rest of the family, It was a lovely day. I only had two eggs thank god as I'm trying to cut out the crappy foods at the moment although I did eat lots of eggs before Easter, Naughty!
At the moment I am focusing on getting a job and loosing more weight, I'd ideally like to tone up and loose this jelly belly then I'll be happy.
I'm actually thinking of starting youtube videos but I'm just not 100% sure yet and I don't have anything to film on so maybe that's a no go for the time being.

That's all really, I'm going to make sure I blog a lot more from now on as I have missed it a lot.

Thank you for reading (if you have haha)


Sunday, 5 February 2012

YSL Rouge Volupte

Wow hello!
I haven't wrote on here for so long since before Christmas actually which is quite a long time seeing as I use to love posting regularly but I did have some sort of writers block (if that's what it's called). Oh I have missed blogging and will try and upload more now and get more into the scene again :).

This is going to be a review of the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in number 7 (lingerie pink) which I asked for for Christmas. It is simply gorgeous and the perfect pink colour for me!

I love the packaging it's so classy and I can never stop looking at it. 
The lipstick is creamy and very nourishing, it doesn't dry out the lips because it isn't matte, not all matte lipsticks do dry out the lips but I find some such as Barry M do but obviously YSL is of a lot higher end brand than Barry M and is a lot more pricey too.
The lipstick is the perfect barbie pink and looks really fresh and natural, I find the more I apply the lighter the colour appears to be which I love. It does last quite a while on the lips but when it does eventually fade it leaves a colour on the lip which I think is totally different to the colour of the actual product, it's more of a dark pink actually like I've applied a lip tint or something but it still is nice and after a long day were you may not be able to keep applying the lipstick I think this is great.

My mum actually purchased this off the Debenhams website for me and it retails at £23.50 which I think can be a little pricey but it does last quite a while. The lipstick can be purchased from anywhere that has a YSL counter or online.

I really would recommend this if you are looking for the perfect barbie pink :)