Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Topman purchases from yesterday's shopping spree

Yesterday I spent the day with my Boyfriend (as I do every Wednesday), We went Go Karting with My Brother too, then Shopping and for a Meal. I went out with the vision in my mind of either finding some cross earrings or something with a cross on (I'm not religious just loving the cross jewellery that's out at the moment) I went into Outfit in my local town which has Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Evans, Wallis and Warehouse all under one roof which is amazing I love it there. I went to look in the Topman part with my Boyfriend and just had a quick look at the Men's jewellery, I love Topman jewellery it's lush. I noticed a Cross double ring which I loved so my Boyfriend brought me that. I think I'm going to return it this weekend though because in the shop it fit perfect but now it seems to be too big so I'm going to get a smaller size. I love the ring it's so quirky and vintage looking.

I noticed that the Jewellery was Buy one get one half price so I had a little look at the rest, I noticed a few fake ear stretchers that I loved but I have a few of them already so looked for something a little bit different then I noticed this fabric covered wire bracelet type item, it's a bit like the cloth head bands that are out at the moment, I'm not too keen on them but one for my wrist is just awesome. I love the pattern of the fabric and the wire inside bends so easily so the bracelet can be put in anyway you wish. 

Ring £6
Bracelet £5 (I got it for £2.50 as jewellery was buy one get one half price)



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