Monday, 1 August 2011

Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades Blusher No.2 Blushalicious

Today I tried my Collection 2000 blusher that I purchased over the weekend and I have to say I love it, It's virtually the same colour as my playboy blusher which I was hoping it would be. I love this product but the only downfall is that I have to press my Blusher Brush into the Blush brick hard before any product goes onto the brush but other than that I love it and will continue to purchase it :). 
Here's some pictures of me with the blusher on, Ignore the huge pores on my nose, I was thinking of air brushing them out of the picture but I want my pictures to be natural as possible xx
The lighter pink that you can see just at the top of the Blusher by my eye is a W7 Candy Floss Blusher that I use as a highlight.
and there you go pictures of how the Blusher looks, I am really happy with it and it works well for me. I would recommend it as it's not very expensive and is flawless. If you do try it I hope it works well for you too :) xx

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