Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Things I love/like & hate/dislike

I love love love writing about things I love/like so this is a great opportunity to do it :) one thing I don't usually like doing is writing about what I dislike/hate because I think things that are hated or disliked nee-dent be talked/wrote about but I thought I'd write them for this once just to share lol. I'll probably write majority of things I love but I love that many things that it's hard to keep track.
I LOVE... Funny people, Big Hair, Acrylic Nails, Rock T-shirts, London, Shopping, Money, Summer, Wem, Christmas, The Beach, The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore, Oversized Sunglasses, Greek Sandals, Blazers, Unusual clothes/jewellery/accessories, Sleeve Tattoos on Men, Long Hair, Dark haired Men, People who are themselves, Laughing, Having Fun, Clothes, Fashion, Catwalks, Music, DJ decks, Oversized Rings, Pink Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics, Make-up, Hairdressing, Lee Stafford, Learning new things, Meeting new people, Fake Tan, So kiss me perfume, Water, Salads, Starbucks, Costa hot chocolate, Smelling nice, Looking nice, Confidence, Eating out, Skinny Jeans, Padded Jackets, Louis Vuitton, Birmingham Christmas German Market, My Mum's car, Convertibles, Cars, Go-Karting, F1, FMX, Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, People with good manors, Men (I get on with them easier), Funny Men, Going to the Dentist, Satchel Bags, Clutch Bags, Things with studs on, The rock look, Magazines, Horses, Dogs, Cocktails, Going out, Genuinely nice people, Camping, Baths, Family, Mirrors, Being and feeling happy, Pic Nics, Things with Skulls on, Blogging, Reading Blogs, Random fun days, Fun Fairs, Brhyn, Writing, Reading, Driving, Long journeys, My IPhone, Buying new things, Buying people presents, Ebay, Magazines, Bedroom Accessories e.g. cushions, Ikea, Shane Richie, Eastenders, Arnold Schwartznegger, Robin Williams  etc etc.. I love more things than this but those are what spring to mind at the moment.

I hate... Fake people, Snotty People, People who brag and show off, People who can't be themselves, Girls who are too girlie and scream if they've broken a nail, Boring People, Lazy Days, Staying in, Bitchy Women, Poor hygiene, Chavs, Bad music, Horrible smells, Lazy People, Having no money, People who think they are hard, Bullies, People who try and put others down, Jealous Girls, Fake Friends, Men who mess with your head, Junk Food, Greasy Hair, Nosey People. I don't think there is anything else I dislike, If you notice most of it is based on how some people are. I've witnessed them all. 


Karma - What goes around comes back around?

As you can see by the Title this post is going to be about Karma, does what goes around comes back around actually happen? Here's my view and things that have happened to me.

When I was in School I didn't have much confidence, I could never be myself only if I was in a class full of people I felt comfortable around (which wasn't often). I only started really coming out of my shell in the last year of school. I did get bullied in high school but not major bullying but it did get me down sometimes. I don't really want to go into too much detail, not because of anything in particular because I don't mind writing about it but I just want to get straight to the point. Whenever I got bullied my parents or other people always use to say to me 'Don't worry it will come back on them' but you know what it never did, As far as I know it didn't anyway and till this day if anyone upsets me or does something mean or whatever I always think to myself 'it will come back on them' but I don't see it happening! Obviously it doesn't always necessarily happen straight away but I think the saying 'what goes around comes back around' is total crap but then again I've saw it happen for other people. Of course I wouldn't wish anything bad to happen to them I'm not a horrible person like that but a little thing for example whenever I've liked guys they have always messed with my head every single one, But I bet they don't have anyone mess with there heads, but who knows maybe it does happen but in ways we can't see. I've gave up on karma getting them back anyway because I'm a loyal genuine nice person and whoever messed with my head or bullied me well they lost out on someone they could of got to know!

Do you believe in Karma? 


Saturday, 27 August 2011

The only way is Lauren's way

I noticed a few days ago that the Lauren's way Tanning Kit was on offer for £20, I definitely wanted to purchase it again as it's the best tan I've used and with the offer of it being £20 instead of £34 I jumped at the chance, then I noticed a discount code for the tan on a blog I came across so I got the tan for £18.50, The tan without the discount code would of been £23.50 the £3.50 being the postage cost, but with using the code all I paid was £18.50 which is amazing. 

My Tan arrived yesterday and I got so excited when I got back home and it was there. The bottles have changed slightly since the first time I purchased Lauren's Way, The writing is different on the front, they include instructions and there's a lot more information on the bottle which I think is fab! Also the thank you card has changed from the last one too. I absolutely love Lauren's way, the tan is fab, the bottles are gorgeous and it's just overall amazing. I recommend you all buy it and also check out my other blog post here

You can purchase the Tan on the site that you will be directed to if you click on this link below Lauren's way
Also follow Lauren's way on twitter and  facebook they are really helpful and will answer any questions you have to ask regarding the products.

Lauren's way also sell Hair Extensions which can be purchased on the website too, They look lovely and I hope to buy some soon.

I hope you love the tan as much as I do if you do try it out!

Let me know what you think of Lauren's way

The only way is Lauren's way!


Friday, 26 August 2011

My New Ring :)

My new ring arrived today that I ordered off Crafty Chics isn't it stunning? I absolutely love it! 
It's so cute and girlie I can't wait to wear it out and I'm going to take it on my mini break/holiday too. The lady who makes these is name Charlotte, she makes other stunning things too such as hair clips, hair bands and lots more, you can find her facebook page on the 'Crafty Chics' link above, if you just click on that it will direct you straight to her page. The prices of her products are amazingly affordable too which I love. I find that some jewellery makers charge quite a fair bit for some of there products and they are not even half as good as these rings.

I ordered a ring off Charlotte last year too which is gorgeous I've worse it so much and get so many compliments on it. I really cannot wait to order more off her. The rings and everything else she makes are really original too and I haven't seen anything even similar to these which is great as I love things that are a little bit different. 

I really advise that you add Crafty Chics and have a look at the jewellery etc that is on there, you will honestly love them and will want to spend your wages on them. I have to resist the temptation myself hehe.


Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Topman purchases from yesterday's shopping spree

Yesterday I spent the day with my Boyfriend (as I do every Wednesday), We went Go Karting with My Brother too, then Shopping and for a Meal. I went out with the vision in my mind of either finding some cross earrings or something with a cross on (I'm not religious just loving the cross jewellery that's out at the moment) I went into Outfit in my local town which has Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Evans, Wallis and Warehouse all under one roof which is amazing I love it there. I went to look in the Topman part with my Boyfriend and just had a quick look at the Men's jewellery, I love Topman jewellery it's lush. I noticed a Cross double ring which I loved so my Boyfriend brought me that. I think I'm going to return it this weekend though because in the shop it fit perfect but now it seems to be too big so I'm going to get a smaller size. I love the ring it's so quirky and vintage looking.

I noticed that the Jewellery was Buy one get one half price so I had a little look at the rest, I noticed a few fake ear stretchers that I loved but I have a few of them already so looked for something a little bit different then I noticed this fabric covered wire bracelet type item, it's a bit like the cloth head bands that are out at the moment, I'm not too keen on them but one for my wrist is just awesome. I love the pattern of the fabric and the wire inside bends so easily so the bracelet can be put in anyway you wish. 

Ring £6
Bracelet £5 (I got it for £2.50 as jewellery was buy one get one half price)



Monday, 22 August 2011

No Carbs before Marbs Hoodie

I purchased my No Carbs before Marbs Hoodie a few weeks after I saw Lydia Bright off TOWIE in hers, I loved it and had to have it then when I found out I could buy one off Toxic Fox I was so happy. When it arrived I was overwhelmed with excitement. I love it so much and it is so comfortable. I can't wait to order more off the site once I have some extra money. I highly recommend you take a look at the website (just click on where it says Toxic Fox above) there are some amazing things on there.


OPI 'Give Me Moor!' Nail Polish

I am in love with this Nail Polish, It's actually my Mum's but I noticed it, borrowed it, borrowed it again and now it lives in my room oops, But my Mum still uses it. I have it on my toe nails constantly and have recently painted my Acrylics with it. I love OPI colours but I always need at least 3 coats which by that time the product usually goes messy on my Nail's if I'm lucky then it doesn't but that won't stop be purchasing them I love them. This is a very Dark Purple but the more coats it can actually look Black and in some lighting does look Black. It is gorgeous and I'd recommend you try it, It's perfect for winter.

(I feel my Acrylics need re doing now but I want to hold off for a bit more so I can just have brand new nails done again instead, I'm not keen on infills I prefer new tips)

Good Things Ultra Rich Body Butter

I was in my local Sainsburys about a month ago and saw a new range in the creams department, it attracted me because the packaging was a lovely lilac colour with Pink, Black and Purple writing and a small Purple flower type design. I smelt the Body Butters and loved them but never got round to purchasing any then today I was there again and noticed they were half price so I picked up the Ultra Rich Body Butter Superfruit extracts Papaya & Mango. I haven't yet used it apart from putting a bit onto my hand and my hand was so smooth, I love the smell it smell's a bit like bubble gum which I love and the packaging I'm loving too it's so girly. I recommend you smell these products they are good enough to eat (but don't) lol. Sainsburys is the only place I have actually seen these products but they may be sold at other places too.xx


Some bits and bobs I purchased last week

Last week I went to Primark on the search for some Lovely (I can't remember what the pattern on them is called) lounge trousers. I watched a video by Zoella and she done a review on the trousers saying she loved them and that they were really soft. I loved them as soon as I saw them on her video so knew I had to purchase them, I went into Primark saw them and brought them straight away, they are so soft and lovely, I haven't yet tried them on but I could imagine how they will feel. Here is a picture of them, not a very good picture and they look really long but they aren't lol. There was also a Navy pair which I'm going to purchase too.

My other reason for going into Primark was to get some Sunglasses, I only tend to buy my Sunglasses from there as they are cheap and these style ones suit me really well. I got them in the sale 50p each.

Whilst food shopping with my Mum & Brother in Morrisons I noticed the Bio Oil was half price I think it was £4.48 or something like that, It was 4 something anyway. I picked it up straight away as I have wanted to try it for a while as I have a few stretch marks on the insides of the tops of my arms were my arms have grew too fast apparently, They don't really bother me but I'm going to see if this will work and I'll do a review once the 3months is up as that's how long I'm recommend to use it for (says the leaflet).

I've actually got the bottle on my hand but it doesn't look like a hand :-l freaky. It is quite a small bottle and for the original price of I think around £9 I wouldn't purchase it at that price unless it really does work well but only time will tell. It is a type of oil but not oily if that makes sense, It has a slight scent but I think it's quite nice and it feels nice on the skin. On the box it says that the oil is Specialist Skincare for Scars, Stretch Marks, Uneven Skin Tone, Ageing Skin and Dehydrated Skin. I am going to start using it on a scar I have on my arm too and see how that works. I have only been using the oil for a few days and I've already started to notice the stretch marks fading slightly, I will do a review when I notice more of a change. xx


Friday, 19 August 2011

My 3 Favourite things of this week :)

My first Favourite thing of this week is My Mum's New Car,  OMG!!! 
I knew she was getting one as my Brother told me my Dad has got her one as a late Birthday gift, when he told me it was a Convertible I went so happy. I've loved convertibles ever since my Dad's friend took me in his when I was about 9 and I have been hooked every since. My Dad pulled up in the Car yesterday and I was more excited than my Mum, I was literally so happy and hyperactive my heart was beating so fast. We went a ride in it with the roof down, It was freezing cold and the wind made my hair act in mad ways but I didn't have a care in the world I felt so free and was really happy with the wind in my hair (literally). I have a big obsession/love for cars.

My 2nd favourite is Amy Child's on Celebrity Big Brother 2011

I heard she was going onto CBB but I didn't get too excited in case the rumours weren't true. When she did enter the house last night I literally had goosebumps I was so happy because I love her, I loved her on TOWIE. She looked gorgeous (as always).

To be honest there hasn't really been a 3rd but then I had a think and I have to say Jedward :). I never use to be too keen on them but that's only because I didn't like there annoying songs. Since watching how they act on CBB I love them, they remind me of how Me and My Bother act when we are hyper which is majority of the time lol.



Inspirational Post

I was just on Facebook as normal checking if there was anything interesting on there (there isn't majority of the time) then I came across this an Article called 10 Essential Tips to Becoming a Millionaire I had to read it as soon as I saw it, It attracted me because who wouldn't want to become a Millionaire? And I am so determined to become successful so I thought I have to read this. In my head I was thinking it's probably just something someone has made up but as I began to read it I got hooked and couldn't stop. I have just finished reading through it all and I have to say it has inspired me so much and helped me in the ways that I think about success and my career. The cartoon video that is on there is worth watching it explains so much and really puts things into perspective. If you want to become successful I really would recommend that you read it and really get into what it's about. It has put a lot of things into perspective for me and gave me even more determination to succeed. xx


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Celebrity Big Brother 2011

I literally couldn't wait for Big Brother to start tonight, I heard Amy Childs & Kerry Katona was going to be in it but wasn't 100% sure because there is always rumours about who's going in every year but I had a feeling Amy was definitely going in. When Amy came on I got goose bumps she is fab I love her she's my favourite to win. She looked so lovely dressed in a sequinned dress and heels. I loved Kerry Katona's hair she also looked stunning too. The girl off American Pie seems a bit boring and I'm not too keen on the Pm's wife but who know's it's only the start they may actually be entertaining. 

Amy Child's to win she is Gorgeous 


My Blog Post about Curvs

Ok guys so I've wrote a Blog post for The Random World of Jen it's about Curvy/Plus size Girls and the way that they aren't portrayed in the industry enough. Here is the link if you would like you take a look 


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My 3 favourite things of last week

My first favourite thing of last week has to be Drayton Manor. I went there Saturday with my Dad, Brother, Boyfriend & Friend Derek we were none stop laughing all day we had such an amazing time I love it there.

My 2nd is Go Karting it literally is amazing I love the buzz I get off going so fast and it's so manly I love doing manly type activities lol. I went there last Tuesday with My Brother & Derek.

My 3rd has to be Mr Poppers Penguins starring Jim Carey. I went to see it last Monday with My Brother & Derek it was hilarious and a excellent film, I have to admit every film starring Jim Carey is brilliant and after all he is a great actor.

So that's my 3 favourite things of last week, I'll be uploading my 3 favourites of this week at the weekend xx


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Schwarzkopf got2b Powder'ful Volumizing styling powder

I have been thinking about purchasing one of the Volumizing Powders that are out at the moment but didn't really get around to purchasing one. I did like the look of V05s (because it was pink) but I thought that it was pretty small, Then yesterday whilst in my local Supermarket I saw this Schwarzkopf one half price £2 so I brought it straight away after all if it wasn't very good it's only a waste of £2 which isn't bad. Today I tried it in my hair, I just shook a thick but small amount of the powder onto my hand then rubbed them together and ran it through my hair, I was amazed because my hair went really big bigger than what I back comb it. It was my 2nd day hair though and there was still some back combing left in it from the day before so I'm not sure what this product is like on flat hair. It is a lush product but I don't think I will purchase it again only because this one will last me absolute ages and I don't think I'd use it on it's own without back combing. I can't say whether I would recommend this or not because I used it on already slightly back combed hair but I suppose if you do back comb your hair then it's worth a try. xx


Monday, 15 August 2011

Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a bottle

I first saw this product again on a Review Video of Swalkermakeups, I love my hair big (bigger the better) and knew I had to purchase this instantly. A week after watching the video I went into Boots and my boyfriend brought it for me, I tried it out the next day and I loved it, I still back combed my hair cause it's what I do everyday and I didn't want the risk of this spray maybe not staying in all day but it is amazing it does give volume but not the amount that Back combing gives. I will honestly say I haven't used this much because I know with back combing it will stay in all day and it gives more volume and I probably won't purchase this again only because I won't use it much but it honestly is amazing and would be great for thin hair that needs a boost. 



Tresemme Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo VS Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo

A few months ago I watched a video by Swalkermakeup and she done a review on a Tresemme dry shampoo that she said she loved more than Batiste, I saw in my local Supermarket that tresemme products were on offer so I picked up the Foam Dry Shampoo and purchased it, I tried it out and it made my hair greasy, Later that night I watched the review video again and I'd picked up the wrong one oops. I haven't used it since as it makes my hair look wet and horrid. 

Batiste I am a fan of but sometimes it doesn't work for me, My first batiste was the tropical one I purchased it a few years ago it smelt lush I loved it then a few months ago I saw that they brought out colour dry shampoos so I picked up the Brunette one, It's ok but I need the darker one as this still shows white on my hair, sometimes it takes out the grease but sometimes it doesn't. I think I may try and find a different dry shampoo that will maybe work better for me.



Loreal Paris colour infallible 24hold eye shadows

I purchased these 2 loreal eye shadow's not long after they came out which I think was early this year, I brought number 05.Purple Obsession and Number 14. Eternal Black.

The black eye shadow I wouldn't say is jet black, it has lots of glittery particles in it and the black seems to have a bluey undertone. The purple is completely different to the black and also goes on nicer it is quite sheer and pretty, They both stay on until I take them off and they don't crease or fade which is brilliant.

Here's me with the Eternal Black Eye shadow on, here it looks quite green, This is a picture from when I hadn't long brought the eye shadows and personally I wouldn't wear both of the eye shadows under my eyes again but only because I wasn't too keen on how they made my eyes look I tend to use natural tones under my eyes that bring the colour out and this day I thought my eyes looked kind of drag queen maybe it was because I put too much underneath my eyes.

Here's a swatch of both of the eye shadows, Excuse my scaly hand I hadn't scrubbed my tan off lol. This picture doesn't do them much justice and the purple seems to look blue but it doesn't it looks the same on the eye as it does in the pot.