Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Famous People I Admire..xx

Arnold Schwartznegger I have to say is Amazing, Ever film he is in I can watch and never get bored, My favourites have to be Jingle all the way, Kinder garden cop & The terminator films, I also love the film The Expendables which he made I think, But only starred in it for a matter of seconds which I wasn't pleased with but I suppose that's better than nothing. He is a brilliant actor, one of the best I personally think. In a way I think he is also kind of hott :/ haha, I think it's the voice and manlyness what gets me :).

Lacey Turner (Stacey Slater) off Eastenders I have loved every since she joined the soap, I wanted to look like her from the first time she joined and still do now. She is such a natural beauty, effortless but chic. I always wanted her hair :). She is a brilliant actress by far the best on Eastenders, Sad that's she has left Eastenders now though but I think she will be back, well I hope :). 

Here's my favourite :) 
Brendan Fraser, he is HOT!
I loved him ever since I watched The Mummy, I think that was the first film I saw him in anyway. He's definitely one of the best Actors ever. He is sooo funny, I watched him on the Graham Norton show the once and could not stop laughing, Anyone should Youtube it and watch it will make you laugh even on a bad day unless you have a dull sense of humour of course lol. Every film I have watched with him in are so amazing, I could watch his films all day. I love all The Mummy Films, Journey to the centre of the earth, Bedazzled etc.. can't remember the rest but I've watched more. He is gorgeous :)

I have loved Kelly and Jack ever since I watched The Osbournes Tv show, I also was a big fan of Ozzy at one point. Kelly & Jack have definitly got cooler with age, Kelly was stunning when bigger but even more beautiful now, Jack I have to say is Amazing :) so cool and laid back, I love it 

There are other people I admire such as Family Members, My mum, Nan, Dad, Brother, Aunty etc.. and also other stars. Most of the people I admire are men, I love Men haha, In a matey way that's just how I am :) 


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I've read so many good reviews about this product and saw pictures of people who wear it and I though wow it looks so flawless and nice. I was wondering whether to purchase it then I finally went to my local Debenhams to the EL counter and looked at the colours, I use RC Sand Beige so when I saw EL had a colour sand and it looked the right colour I was ready to purchase it straight away but then the lady on the counter offered me 2 samples, one of the Sand and another which was a bit darker. I tried them both today seeing as it's been a lazy sunday, The sand was the exact colour but the other was too dark. I left them 5mins on my face and neither had dried my face felt sticky and wet which I hate and did not want, Infact it still feels sticky now and I've take the product off. This is a shame because the colour was the exact I'd wanted and the coverage was pretty good, the product looked nice on my skin but didn't feel nice. From the reviews I have read and the information on the Estee Lauder Website this Product is meant to dry quickly and give full coverage, For me that didn't happen, It didn't dry quickly at all, I have used Revlon Colorstay for 4 years now and that always drys quickly within a few seconds it is dry, but when I applied this it hadn't dried at all. 
I am so glad the lady offered me testers to try beforehand else I would have purchased this product which I wouldn't say is cheap.

I wouldn't label this product as bad because it isn't its just not for me, I'm sure for some people it works very well :) 


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ministry of sound 2011 Pump it up Dance work out DVD

So I purchased this DVD Monday, well.. The Bf brought it me lol. I see the ones that are out every year and think 'ooh that looks good I might buy that' But I never did, So this years I decided to purchase, all the songs I love are on it plus it looks pretty easy to do (It won't be when I do it lol) I really need to shift a few pounds so I thought this may work in some way.
I haven't yet tried it I probably will at some point tomorrow and will review it when I have used it a few times. 
I'm currently on a mission to loose weight because I know I will feel so uncomfortable in the summer. My main things are to cut down bread, junk and eat less also do some kind of exercise. The weather is so cold at the moment it's impossible to do any exercise outside and I know I wouldn't attend a gym plus I can't really afford it so it's time for me to get this motivation and do things for myself. 


Newyears Eve/Newyear

I had a lovely new-year, not as greatly celebrated as I had hoped but I spent it with the people I love so it was lovely. Newyears Eve is my Nan's birthday so Me & My boyfriend took her to Frankie & Bennys for a Birthday meal, then we walked around town looking in the shops, I brought a few things I needed then went home and got ready for the evening. The evening was like any other newyears eve evening, most of the family go round my nans and we have some food on and watch the fireworks people let off at midnight, but this time Gavin brought fireworks so we had some of our own. There were so many of the chinese lanterns let off that night I counted over 20. They are amazing I love them but I couldn't get hold of any for that night unfortunately.

So now it's the newyear I didn't really set any resolutions because they only get broke anyway, apart from my one last year which was to go out more and I have certainly done that lol.
I have set something to do which is to eat healthier and not eat as much, so far I have done ok, apart from Monday when every place we went to for food was out of stock or far too dear so we ended up in Pizza Hut which I'm not too fond of any more and we ate lots of crap, which made me feel crap. 

Overall I hope this newyear brings something for me, I'd love to be settled in a job full time or part time, I definitely want to start horse riding and also continue my driving lessons.
But I'll wait and see what it will bring.