Monday, 22 August 2011

OPI 'Give Me Moor!' Nail Polish

I am in love with this Nail Polish, It's actually my Mum's but I noticed it, borrowed it, borrowed it again and now it lives in my room oops, But my Mum still uses it. I have it on my toe nails constantly and have recently painted my Acrylics with it. I love OPI colours but I always need at least 3 coats which by that time the product usually goes messy on my Nail's if I'm lucky then it doesn't but that won't stop be purchasing them I love them. This is a very Dark Purple but the more coats it can actually look Black and in some lighting does look Black. It is gorgeous and I'd recommend you try it, It's perfect for winter.

(I feel my Acrylics need re doing now but I want to hold off for a bit more so I can just have brand new nails done again instead, I'm not keen on infills I prefer new tips)

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