Monday, 1 August 2011

Topshop Makeup

Ok so I heard about Topshop bringing a make-up range out a while ago but didn't really bother going to have a browse apart from looking online at it once oh and I did see it in Topshop at Birmingham sometime last year but didn't really look much. Then last week I was in Topshop Birmingham and decided to have a proper look at the cosmetics that were available. I loved the packaging it was simple but smart and classy which I love. 

I found a blusher that I loved the look and texture of and a lipstick so I purchased them. I picked up the Cream Blush in Neon Rose and a Lipstick in the colour Desert, Here is a picture. 
When I tried the lipstick on my hand in store I loved it instantly it looked like a very pale creamy textured pink and the blusher felt creamy but went into a powder texture when on my hand and the colour was just right not too bright.
I couldn't wait to get home and try them out but when I did that's when I became disappointed. The lipstick looked orange on my lips and not a nice orange and it instantly made my lips tingle so I took it off straight away. I applied the blusher in a small amount and it took off my foundation and ended up looking a patchy mess so I had to take off all of my make-up and redo it, The colour was nice though apart from the patchiness and it also made my cheeks burn which isn't a good sign. 

Overall I wasn't happy because these products looked amazing and they turned out to be the total opposite. I think personally I won't purchase make-up from there again after this incident. The products didn't work for me so I myself wouldn't recommend them but they may work for you :) xx

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