Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Famous People I Admire..xx

Arnold Schwartznegger I have to say is Amazing, Ever film he is in I can watch and never get bored, My favourites have to be Jingle all the way, Kinder garden cop & The terminator films, I also love the film The Expendables which he made I think, But only starred in it for a matter of seconds which I wasn't pleased with but I suppose that's better than nothing. He is a brilliant actor, one of the best I personally think. In a way I think he is also kind of hott :/ haha, I think it's the voice and manlyness what gets me :).

Lacey Turner (Stacey Slater) off Eastenders I have loved every since she joined the soap, I wanted to look like her from the first time she joined and still do now. She is such a natural beauty, effortless but chic. I always wanted her hair :). She is a brilliant actress by far the best on Eastenders, Sad that's she has left Eastenders now though but I think she will be back, well I hope :). 

Here's my favourite :) 
Brendan Fraser, he is HOT!
I loved him ever since I watched The Mummy, I think that was the first film I saw him in anyway. He's definitely one of the best Actors ever. He is sooo funny, I watched him on the Graham Norton show the once and could not stop laughing, Anyone should Youtube it and watch it will make you laugh even on a bad day unless you have a dull sense of humour of course lol. Every film I have watched with him in are so amazing, I could watch his films all day. I love all The Mummy Films, Journey to the centre of the earth, Bedazzled etc.. can't remember the rest but I've watched more. He is gorgeous :)

I have loved Kelly and Jack ever since I watched The Osbournes Tv show, I also was a big fan of Ozzy at one point. Kelly & Jack have definitly got cooler with age, Kelly was stunning when bigger but even more beautiful now, Jack I have to say is Amazing :) so cool and laid back, I love it 

There are other people I admire such as Family Members, My mum, Nan, Dad, Brother, Aunty etc.. and also other stars. Most of the people I admire are men, I love Men haha, In a matey way that's just how I am :) 


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