Friday, 14 December 2012

Zara Mini Bowling Bag

I have always loved bags, even when I wasn't into fashion and clothes I still brought lots of bags and I mean lots. I still have so many bags that I really should sell, some of them haven't even been used. Nowadays I just like a black, small, smart bag, nothing OTT or colourful. I do see some really big bags but I never buy them because I just over fill them, then they end up hurting my arm and I hate carrying a bag in the crook of my arm, it feels like I am carrying a weight around all day, Saying that I do over fill my small bags that's why they end up splitting because the handles can't cope with the weight. The bag pictured is what I got for my 21st birthday from Zara it is called the 'Mini Bowling Bag With Clasp Fastening'.

The bag is small but very deep. It fits so much in yet it looks small and sleek. I think it's great for everyday use. It has handles so it can be held or a long strap (that can also he clipped off if you wish to not have it on there) that can go over your shoulder which is what I prefer. It's the first time I have used this bag today and I love it, the only problem I have is that the strap slips off my shoulder but I have that problem with most of my bags anyway when they're new. The quality is amazing which I expect from Zara anyway but I have heard that some of there bags aren't of a very good quality, I can't comment on that as this is the first bag I have had from there. I have my eye on another black bag on there at the moment which I may get but I'm not sure yet.

The bag was £29.99 and it was ordered off the Zara website. I'm not sure if it is available in store as I don't really visit the stores on a regular basis, I have only been in once but it is still available online. 


  1. oh my god i love it its adorable.

    so cute!

    love the blog. following you now! xxx

    1. It's adorable isn't it :).

      Thank you, I will check your blog out now xx

  2. Zara do amazing bags! This one is really cute :)