Monday, 10 December 2012

My favourite red lip combination for the Christmas season

I have been searching for the perfect red lip colour for so long now and I think I may have found it. I am always cautious about red lipstick as some can give the look of a clown and some shades can look very tarty and cheap too. I did use to have a red lipstick that suited me so well but it was out of a make-up kit I had and I threw it away. I saw the matte lipsticks that Kate Moss brought out for rimmel months ago and had my eye on this red then but I wasn't too sure of it, the reviews where good and the pictures I saw of people with it on looked great but I just still wasn't 100% sure, then I saw Zoella wearing it in one of her youtube videos and it looked amazing on her. Every time I went into boots I swatched it and went to buy it but didn't end up purchasing it then Saturday I saw boots had 3 for 2 on again so I just thought what the hell why not try it so I picked up the red in number 107. I tried the lipstick on once I got home and it applies so nicely, it is matte but not too matte that it looks really dry and doesn't dry out the lips either, I would recommend applying a lip liner on with it though as it does look so much better with one, I purchased one from rimmel which I will talk about in a moment. On it's own the lipstick looks very striking, well on my lips anyway, it will look slightly different on everyone depending on your natural lip colour. I honestly wasn't keen on it without using my lip liner underneath it was too bold for me.

This is the lip liner I picked up to wear with the lipstick, I loved this lip liner as soon as I saw Sammi a.k.a beauty crush wearing it in one of her youtube videos and I knew I had to have it. The lip liner is 063 black tulip and it's by rimmel too. This is a very 'black cherry' shade which I love. This applies very softly and is a lot creamier than any other lip liner I have used, it is so easy to apply. On it's own it gives a nice matte dark deep red finish, it can be worn on it's own or with the lipstick over, I just put a thin layer of the lipstick over and it gives a perfect red lip which is dark and doesn't look OTT it looks so classy and is perfect for over the Christmas period and the rest of the winter months. 

I think this colour anyone could pull off whether you are pale, tanned or darker. It does look slightly different under certain lighting on photo's but really there isn't much of a difference just maybe slightly darker looking in some lights to others. 

I had both of these products from my local boots which have 3 for 2 on at the moment but you can get them from anywhere that stocks rimmel such as superdrug, supermarkets or even online.

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