Thursday, 31 May 2012

All shapes and sizes

I have wrote a few blog posts in the past and also a guest post about curvy women/models and expressing my views etc but I don't think in those that I wrote about myself so here goes.. I have never been stick thin I take after my Dad so I am as they call 'big boned', I have always been tall and am around 5ft11 now I think but I'm not 100% sure, I've can't remember ever having a flat tummy but I did have one as I've looked through pictures of when I was about 10 and I did then I just don't remember it lol! I have never been hugely big I've just always had meat on my bones if you get my drift. In school I was bigger than I am now but since school I've gotten a lot taller, lost weight and have more of a shape to me. My weight tends to gather around my stomach area and the tops of my legs, I'm not wide which is a good thing because of my build. I have for so long wanted to loose the weight off my stomach and I have lost some but what I really need to do is tone up but I am so lazy when it comes to exercise, I love walking I could walk for hours but the thing I need to do is find something that I will enjoy that will help me tone up. I would like a flatter stomach than I have now but not completely flat because it's just not how I want to be. Sometimes I actually think I'm bigger than I am, I look in the mirror and think I look fine but when I'm out and about if I'm having a un confident day I will think I'm a lot bigger even though I know I'm not. 

The internet being as of cruel of place as it is I have been so many negative comments about curvier girls off skinny girls and off some men which I think is disgusting but I honestly think whatever size you are there is going to be negative people who will try and put you down, if they think you are fat they will call you that if they think you are too skinny they will say that, either to your face (which most don't) or online but all those people are, are bullies and for them to treat you in that way what does that say about those people?. Also a thing that I hear a lot is curvy/bigger women saying that a man will never be interested in them, well I've got something to tell you oh yes they will, not all men like the skinner girl believe it or not, and so what if you're not attracting every walking man's eye, you will most certainly attract one's eye and he will love you for who you are and also love the way you look. I have a boyfriend who loves me to bits and he thinks I am perfect the way I am, honestly you will all find someone he will drop into your life at some point. 

The most gorgeous girls I have seen are curvy and I'm not talking Kim Kadarshian curvy because lets face it she hasn't got the meat on her she just has a curvy shape, I'm on about the real curvy girls, For example Gemma Collins from the only way is essex, I adore her I think she is gorgeous and has a great body, I love all of the girls on Towie they are all beautiful and have great figures but in my opinion Gemma has the best figure and she has the most confidence out of all the girls on Towie which is brilliant I adore her, Obviously I'm not saying that all I think is that curvy girls are the only stunning ones because I'm not, I have seen some gorgeous skinny girls too.
Everyone is beautiful no matter what size you are, some people are naturally skinny some people aren't but honestly there are worse things to worry about in life than your body, obviously all of us have our ups and downs and body issues but as long as we are healthy and happy then what's better than that?

I am now going to do another post of the women I look up to they are all curvy but different sizes of curves. I'd also love you all to check out this lovely lady's video, her name is Trisha and her video is really inspirational and she gets to the point, she is one of the girls I look up to she is curvy and looks great! here is the video


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