Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

I have tried so many heat protection sprays since from about the age of 12/13, I even use to get my Mum to buy me one from the hairdressers I went to which was £17 and it wasn't even really that good. I am a firm believer of that when using heat on your hair you should always use something to protect your hair from that heat, without that protection your hair will just frazzle, burn and eventually break off especially if you use GHD's as they're so hot, I had this experience when I first started using GHD's and ended up having to have a lot of the length of my hair cut off which is never good if you love having long hair like I do. Now as I said I have tried many heat protection sprays over the past few years and I've never really noticed anything different with them so I just ended up picking up any that smelt nice in the end and just used that, then I purchased one of the Lee Stafford Flat Iron sprays from the Clothes Show in 2011, I didn't use it until a few months after I purchased it and I only ran out a few days ago, it lasts so long. This protection mist is amazing, it helps my hair stay in good condition, add's more shine, and helps prevent the heat of GHD's from ruining my hair it's also great for using on my hair before I blow dry too which is what I use it mostly for now as I rarely straighten my hair at all nowadays. 

I went to the Clothes Show again this year and that is where I picked up these three bottles. The Lee Stafford stand is always the first stand I go to when I go to CSL because I love the products and I am a very big fan of Lee Stafford and this time I got to meet him and had a picture with him (OMG!). The deals that are on are always so good, I got four products for £12 which is such a great deal and I also picked up the dark dry shampoo to try and may I say that it is incredible. 
Nowadays I mainly use the heat protection mist on my hair extensions and on my hair before blow drying it, it is great on hair extensions and helps keep them in good condition so they last longer. The scent of the spray is what I love the most, it smells like all the other Lee Stafford products, quite masculine but not too masculine and once settled it leaves my hair smelling so sweet. When you spray the mist it doesn't drizzle out it gives a huge spray that's light so it can cover a large amount of hair and you don't really need to use much.

You can pick up the mist from most Boot's stores and also on the Boot's website where you can also purchase all the rest of the Lee Stafford products. I would highly recommend the volume shampoo and the hairspray too if you want big hair, they work so well together and give a lot of volume. 


  1. Four products for £12 is really good - I've never tried this but I have tried a couple of other Lee Stafford products and I've never been disappointed!

    1. It is isn't it. I've never been disappointed by any of his products that I have tried so far either, I really want to try the hair growth treatment, wish I'd of picked that up with the deal

  2. Ooh this brings back memories for me, this was my first heat protection spray! x