Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Today I didn't really do much just went to a small shopping centre type thing near me to have a nosey around Superdrug and pick up a few things, They have a 3 for 2 offer on in there at the moment so I got a bit tempted haha! Then after that I came back home and just chilled out in the garden and took quite a few photos, I love taking photo's especially when the sun is out. Today I wore a long black vest with a tiger on the front which was glittery and isn't as half as glittery now, it's the first time I've worn it since purchased and my leggings that I was wearing where covered in glitter after an hour which didn't look too bad lol, The vest was from Riverisland. I wore burgundy leggings with it which are also from Riverisland but they aren't like normal leggings they are extremely thick more like a jegging type and I teamed those with my Converse and my denim waistcoat, I love that waistcoat so much. So here are the photos :)


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