Thursday, 31 May 2012

Some of my fave curvy women

This is a follow up from my last post, so here is pictures of the curvy ladies that I love and look up to and think they look amazing! 

This is Trisha Paytas, if you haven't heard of her she is a lady who makes Youtube videos, if you read my last post you can find a link to her video on there which will take you to her channel, her videos are fantastic and soo funny. I think Trisha looks great she is so pretty naturally and also with make-up on, she has a lovely figure and is full of confidence. 

I think you'll all know who this is, well if you watch The only way is essex that is. This is Gemma Collins I love her she is so lovely, beautiful and has a great figure too, she is also full of confidence and is such a positive person. I think she looks great in this photo and have never seen her looking any of the less. 

As you all probably know this is Billie Faiers, isn't she stunning! I love this girl she has amazing style, her make-up always looks flawless and she is also curvy, I wouldn't say very but she looks it on TV anyway. She literally always looks amazing when I see her on TV and in Magazine's etc.

These aren't all of the women that I think look great but I don't want to do too a long of post. There are also women who I see randomly around town who I don't actually know but think look great and also a few girls who blog and are on twitter.


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