Monday, 28 May 2012

Hiiiiii & OOTD

Hello everyone, long time no see again.. I say this every time but my gosh I haven't blogged for so long yet again, I really really really want to start posting regularly again! Enough of my babbling on anyway, here's an Outfit of the day and my very first at that, I just randomly decided to take pictures of my clothes that I was wearing today on Instagram and though this is actually quite good so I will probably be taking photos of what I wear a few times a month but not everyday as some things are a bit boring lol. Anyway here is what I wore today, A Maxi dress that I brought to wear for my Mum's 40th last year and I wore it then and didn't again after that day so I'm going to get my wear out of it now, it is so gorgeous, My shoes that I think are so different and girlie and my denim waistcoat that I lurvveee. Unfortunately I couldn't get a full body shot as I have no full length mirrors only my Mum's mirrored wardrobes which do not exactly make me look great and I forgot to ask my family I was with today to take a picture but I think somewhere in my past blog posts I have a picture of me wearing it in a post about my Mum's 40th and that is a full body photo. I only popped to Asda today with my Mum, Nan & Granddad then to see my boy at the hospital but hey I can still wear something glam right? lol! 

Thanks for reading :) mwahhhh! xxx


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