Saturday, 11 August 2012

Celliana Online Jewellery Review

A few weeks ago I was on Twitter and saw a retweet off of someone from a online jewellery company called, the retweet said that the company where looking for bloggers who where interested in reviewing one of their products for them, I had a look at their website and then tweeted them saying I was interested, Their jewellery was so gorgeous how could I not of wanted to do a review for them. A lovely lady from the company got in touch with me and asked me to pick a item which I liked, It was so difficult as all of the pieces where so lovely but I found one bracelet which caught my eye so I contacted her back with the item which I loved. I received the Bracelet pack a couple of days after, I was so excited I could not wait to open the package, I opened it and fell in love straight away. 

This bracelet I chose is called the 'Spiky Bracelet Pack' it is so on trend right now. The bracelet's can all be worn together or separately depending on which you prefer. The colour as you can see is a nice red, I am loving the colour red at the moment. This bracelet pack is really gorgeous but the only down fall is I do find the quality does seem a little cheap but not the cheap where they would snap or break. This bracelet to buy costs £15, I personally would not pay that much for this pack but that may just be my opinion, But overall I do like it a lot. here is the link to the pack which I was sent, I do recommend you take a look if you like jewellery as there are some very lovely pieces on their. 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have reviewed this bracelet pack for and would like to thank the lovely lady who contacted me back.    


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