Saturday, 1 October 2011

MUA Professional Eye Primer

I picked this Primer up whilst in Superdrug Thursday with my Mum, After previously being sent some products from MUA to review I loved them, heard they did an eye primer so knew I had to try it out. I've never used an eye shadow primer before then I watched a few youtube videos of people using them and that they bring out the eyeshadow's colour more and also stop them from creasing which I loved instantly as my eyeshadow tends to crease but not till after I've had it on for a good 6 hours which is good anyway but sometimes it does crease earlier than that. So when I heard MUA had one I went out and purchased it, I tried it for the first time today, It went on really well not sticky or heavy, it dried within seconds and then I applied my normal day to day eyeshadow, instantly the eyeshadow looked a lot darker and the colour stood out more which was lovely. 

The MUA Primer Box states 'Long Lasting, Smoothing, No Crease' Apply primer to eyelids before make-up to create a more vibrant eyeshadow colour for long - lasting wear without fading or creasing. I applied the Primer after I'd applied my face primer that I also put on my eyes and my foundation, I'm not sure weather what the box stated means I should put on the primer before my foundation application but I use a face primer for that anyway. The primer did work well and I applied it at 12.30pm and when I checked at 7pm of the afternoon I had no creasing and the colour was still bold and lovely but when I checked at 9.30pm just as I was removing my make-up my eyeshadow was creased and the colour had faded but not as bad as normal and it didn't look too bad.

Overall I am happy with the product and for £2.50 you can't go wrong. I can't really compare it to any other primer as I haven't tried another brand of eye primer as of yet but I do think this one is good and when it's used up I will probably purchase it again if I do decide to use it on a regular basis. I cannot wait to get my hands on the MUA 'heaven and earth' pallet now :)

(I did try and upload a picture of my one of my eye's of how my eyeshadow looked over the primer but it's saying there is an error and won't let me upload one so I will try and add one tomorrow)


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