Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Range

Saturday whilst I was out shopping I knew I needed a face wash as I'd ran out of my one I was currently using which was witch facial wash foam for oily skin. When I was in my local sainsbury's I noticed that the Clean & Clear range was on offer so I had a look, I noticed that there was only 2 of the products for oily skin left and the rest of the oily items were gone but the one for normal skin and the other (can't remember which the other ones where for) were all still there so I picked them up as they were on offer 2 for £5 and purchased them, I picked up the shine control daily facial wash and the daily facial scrub too. Once I got them home I had a little sniff as I like to see what the products smell like before I use them, I was not impressed they smelt like washing up liquid the dark green fairy washing up liquid, this put me off slightly but I used the facial wash anyway. 

The facial wash is the only one I have used so far and this claims to 'Give you shine free skin all day. Not only does the formula remove dirt, oil and impurities but also leaves your skin looking shine free all day'
Well from using this product for the past  4 nights I can say it does not do any of this, after the first use I noticed my skin felt constantly oily all night and the next day and I actually had more oil on my face than normal. Tonight was my 4th night of using this and right at this moment my nose feels so unbelievably greasy and vile and I cannot seem to get the feeling to go away, it feels to me like my face is dirty and I just feel vile. I know it's only the 4th night and some people may say it's too soon to be writing a review but honestly I feel so greasy, I won't be using this again and I will most definitely not be trying the facial scrub either as I could imagine this would not be much different. 

This product doesn't work for me but it may work for you but personally I would not recommend. 

Do any of you girls have any tips or know of anything that can help my oily t-zone?



  1. I find it so hard to find decent products for my skin. I've got combination skin but lately it's been more oily! Hate it so much but now I use tea-tree cleansers which leave my skin feeling so fresh. I love tea-tree! Thanks for the tip on this product, I really appreciate these reviews =) xxx

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