Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gok Wan for TU

I noticed in my local Sainsbury's last week that Gok Wan was launching his own clothing range with TU (the clothing brand within Sainsbury's) to be honest I didn't think much into it as I'm not usually particularly interested in the clothing sold at Sainsbury's. Today I went into my local Sainsbury's (sorry a lot of Sainsbury's mentioned here) and had a little look through the clothing section with my Mum and I caught a glimpse of the Gok Wan clothing (I'd forgotten that it was being launched today) so I went to have a look and I was amazed it was all so stunning and I mean all of it not just one piece, I wanted to purchase it all instantly (there was one women that did). The clothing is so elegant and classy but really affordable too which is great.

Here is the range...

The first item of clothing that caught my eye was the smart pencil skirt type dress which is something I have been looking for recently, I think it's gorgeous and really smart. This is actually called a Cheongsam Dress and is £45 and is also available in red. The kimono I think is absolutely gorgeous my Mum fell in love with it, it's so bright and different, this is £30 and also available in black. The Palazzo Pant that the beautiful model is wearing with the Kimono are also within the Gok range and they are  £30 and are available in coral also, I'm very tempted to purchase those if they suit my figure.

Next is this lovely Ultimate Wrap Dress which is £40 and also available in plain black and a print the same as the Kimono too. I love this as it's long and so smart also it looks a really nice fit too. 

The 'Perfect Fit Pant' look amazing don't they? I really think they are so nice, they are £25 and also available in Black and a Pinky Red.

Those are just a few of the pieces that Gok has launched, you can check out the rest here. He has also launched a few different types of shirts, A swing tux, A slash neck shift dress, A flirty dress, A stretch jodhpur that gives all over hidden support and A trapeze top. The range starts from £20 - £45 which is very affordable. I love these items and am definitely thinking about purchasing a few of the items. Gok was launching his range at a Sainsbury's in Cannock which is not too far from me today but unfortunately I couldn't make it boooo!

What are your thoughts on the range? do you love it or are you not so keen?


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