Sunday, 2 October 2011

MUA Starry Night Eyeshadow Pallet (Full Review)

Today, after finally cleaning my room (I'm so lazy) and it really did need a good clean, I decided to do some quick eye looks with the MUA Starry Night Pallet. Here is one look I used the 2 top left colours (pink and purple) and the purple on the end of the bottom row on the right. I just blended them using a Pretty Sporty soft eyeshadow brush that I got in a set from boots a few years ago. In my last review I said the eyeshadows weren't very high pigmented well they are but that may be because I put quite a lot on lol! My foundation base I used a Estee Lauder Double Wear tester in Beige, I hate the stuff it's so sticky and heavy and doesn't dry quick enough but I wanted to just use a quick base for this so picked that.

This second look I used the bottom row on the left grey, the 3rd and 5th colour on the top row and also the black lined under my eye oh and not forgetting the white. I didn't really like this probably because I used eyeshadow up to my brow and I hate doing that but I did anyway (I know weird right?)

Overall I think they are ok but I personally don't think I'll be wearing any of the colours as they are really shimmery too shimmery for me liking to be honest but maybe if I didn't use them as thick then who knows. I also tried the Bronzer and Blusher and I loved them so I will more than likely be using them at some point. I think I am still going to purchase the Heaven and Earth Pallet but I'm going to test it on my hand in store first if that's possible (I haven't seen testers for this brand).

Unfortunately this pallet doesn't work for me, I do love the girlie colours but they aren't what I like to wear but maybe they will work for you so why not try it? and for £2.50 you can't go wrong :)

Also to add my eyes started burning and my face itching after applying all the products I tried about today so unfortunately I won't be using any again as it obviously doesn't agree with my skin :( 


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