Saturday, 1 October 2011


Ok.. so I have decided everyday I am going to do a post (maybe more than one) of something/someone that I love, People I admire/Idol's, Products that I love/use etc etc. Just so I know I can do a post everyday about something and I love writing about thing's that I love so why not do this! Today I am going to write about someone who I admire and that someone is Lauren Goodger off The Only Way is Essex

How beautiful is she?

I loved Lauren from the first episode of TOWIE, She is gorgeous, always looks flawless and her style is stunning so is her hair too! In the first series of TOWIE I loved her but even more in the 2nd and also in the 3rd that is currently running at the moment, My reason is because in the 2nd and 3rd series of TOWIE we all got to know her a lot better. She in my eyes is definitely someone to look up to and admire, she is confident, stylish, independent, strong and successful! She has brought out her own Fake tan called Lauren's way (I'm sure you've all heard about it, if not then check it out it is literally amazing) and also hair extensions and is launching a clothes line for Simply Be (which is out sometime next week, check it out they are amazing pieces). 
I understand that some people may judge her by what she is like on the show but in my opinion why would you believe everything that is on Tv and at the end of the day she kept getting back with Mark because she loved him, don't all us girls fall into that trap at some point even if it's just someone we like? If they treat us like complete shit we still go back because we like/love them a lot and also I have read a few papers who write about her and I don't tend to believe any of the nasty stuff and if you do then obviously you must believe all bullshit that Magazines/Newspapers write! 

Obviously I don't know her personally but I think she's a lovely, strong, independent, successful women who is making a good career of herself and she will most definitely get far (she already has now). She is most definitely someone I look up to and I hope to become as successful as her one day!


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