Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nivea Body Moisturiser Dry Skin

I was never one for moisturising my skin on a regular basis up until a few months ago. I noticed my skin getting dry when I started fake tanning constantly throughout the summer/good weather and thought to myself I really need to start moisturising as my skin was getting so irritated and my tan was starting to look horrible because of my dry skin. I was in Tesco one day and noticed that the Nivea products where on offer so I decided to try the Nivea Body Moisturiser for Dry Skin to see what it was like, In the past I have used Nivea moisturisers and found them to be quite good so I thought why not try one again.

I am now on my second bottle and decided to pick up the 400ml as it was on offer and there's more in it than the last one I purchased which I think was 250ml. This moisturiser does basically what it says on the tin (or in this case bottle), It has deep moisture and is very long lasting, it keeps my skin feeling soft all day if I apply of the morning and improves the way it looks and the almond oil in the moisturiser gives a nice sheen to the skin. The cream is very light and doesn't feel heavy on the skin like some moisturisers can, it also dry's really fast and leaves a nice shine to the skin. It also works really well over my fake tan, it doesn't strip the colour or ruin the look of the tan in fact it makes the tan look much better which is great and it saves me having to use a different moisturiser for over my tan.

I would highly recommend this moisturiser to anyone who has dry skin or who fake tan's on a regular basis. It's my favourite moisturiser at the moment and I will continue to use it for a long time.

The Nivea Moisturiser is available to buy from Boots and Superdrug
The prices vary depending on where you buy it from as there are always offers on and if you do have a Bodycare store near you I think they do it slightly cheaper.

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