Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Lush Hair Extensions Ultimate Full Head

Ok so I am very excited to tell you all about the extensions that I was recently sent from Lush Hair Extensions. I jumped at the chance of trying out some extensions from Lush as I had heard so many good things about the company. I had the opportunity to try out the Ultimate Full Head Set or the Deluxe Full Head Set, I had a little look on the website and decided to go for the Ultimate Full Head Set. 

The extensions arrived at my door a few weeks ago so I have had a few weeks to properly try them out and to tell you what I really think of them. They came packaged like this which is how all extensions that I have had are packaged, Oh and when they came through the post they where in a pink bag which was gorgeous. On the back of the card it tells you about the extensions, how to maintain them and how many pieces their are. 

I decided to go for the 20" hair extensions in the shade #4 which is what I always have when getting hair extensions. There are 10 weft pieces, 18 clips per set and the clips are already attached. The first thing that I noticed with these extensions was that the clips are larger than the Clip Hair Extensions which I was sent but they are just as good and grip onto the hair really well, I also noticed that the ends of these extensions look a lot different to any other extensions that I have had before, they are cut into a blunt shape which I actually do like, they look much neater this way. 

Here is a before and after picture, of my hair naturally then of my hair with the Lush Hair Extensions in. I put in the full head set and the first thing I noticed was that they didn't feel heavy which is a good start, they also looked really natural and glossy but not overly glossy which I find some hair extensions do look too glossy so they can tend to look fake. With the ends being cut differently to other extensions that I have had I found that this made the overall look a lot neater and tidier. I did notice that these extensions didn't seem as long as my usual 20" ones that I have but I think this may be because of the way they are cut at the ends which I don't mind at all. Another thing I noticed was that the extensions are thick from top to bottom, whereas my Clip Hair Extensions tend to go thinner at the ends which is ok but I prefer thickness from top to bottom which is what the Lush Extensions give. 

Not a very good photo but as you can see from the extensions from the back they aren't thin at the ends and they give a lot of thickness. I love the way they look and will definitely repurchase in the future if they wash well, I have yet to wash them yet and that's usually when I become disappointed with extensions but I have a feeling I won't be disappointed with these ones. 

The Ultimate Full Head Hair Extensions can be brought from the Lush Hair Extensions website and they are £94.99

If you have tried any of the Hair Extensions from Lush then do let me know how you have got on with them and what your thoughts are :)

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