Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Eylure Ultra Naturals Fine

I am not really a fan of wearing fake lashes any more, I did go through a phase of wearing them everyday for a few months about a year/two years ago but since then I haven't really worn any I just don't feel the need to. Anyway so I won some Eylure lashes about a year ago I think it was and I had never tried them, then last week I decided to try them out.

The lashes I won where the Eylure Ultra Naturals, I won these through a Facebook competition on Eylure's Facebook  page along with another set of lashes. I was more drawn to these ones than the other's which I was sent as these are as stated 'natural' looking whereas the others where quite thick. 

The lashes are as natural as natural can get, each lash is made from a mixture of brown and black hair which is what also makes them very natural looking. They are very light and I think they would be easy for anyone to apply, I personally have never had a problem with applying lashes and have never found them fiddly or awkward to apply but for those who do these would be perfect for you. 

Here is how the lashes look, I have just applied a bit of mascara over them so that they blend in better with my own lashes and to add a bit more colour to them. They do look really natural and not like false lashes whatsoever, they are really light on the eyes, it doesn't feel like you have any lashes on. I do love the look that they give but I wouldn't wear them everyday, probably for a party or something but other than that no, I like my own lashes and don't feel like I need to wear these. 

I really would recommend them to anyone especially if it's maybe your first time using false lashes or even if you have used lashes before and just want some natural, pretty ones for during the day or for at work etc..

You can buy the Eylure Ultra Naturals from Boots and many other places online and also in store. In boots they retail for £5.54 and are around the same price everywhere else. 

Have you ever worn false lashes before? if you have I would love to know which ones are your favourites.


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