Friday, 27 September 2013

Beauty Uk Cosmetics Posh Palette No.2 - Masquerade

Beauty UK is a brand which I have never really swayed towards before, I did once pick up one of their blushers as it looked really pretty but I never got round to using it. I was in Superdrug recently and did notice that Beauty UK has more products in and had changed the packaging of some of the products too, although I didn't purchase anything from the range (silly me).  

Beauty UK have recently released a new palette range, these are called 'Posh Palette', altogether there are 3 different palette's in the collection, there is a palette suited for everyone and for whatever look you would like to create their is a palette for that. The palette that I have here is No.2 - Masquerade.

Masquerade is a very Autumnal coloured palette, the first row of shadows are quite light and sheer with flecks of glitter in them then the last row are much more pigmented and are a lot darker shades compared to the first row. These colours are perfect for Autumn/Winter and also for nights out or even just for everyday use as they aren't that highly pigmented that they look too much on the eyes, they are just right and look really natural and pretty. My favourite shade of them all is the second shade on the left of the bottom row, I love that kind of burgundy/dark pink colour for the colder months.

Here you can see the pigmentation of the eyeshadows. I think the first row of shadows are definitely more for highlighting or just to sweep over your lids if you are just aiming for a sheer but natural look on the eyes. As the swatches go down you can see the bottom row's pigmentation difference, they give a lot more colour but not anything overpowering, The black shadow is definitely the most pigmented of them all as you can see. Majority of the bottom row are also matte shadows apart from the second and fifth shade. 

If you have oily eyelids then I definitely recommend like when using any eye shadow that you use a primer as you will more than likely get creasing, with a primer the colours will also stand out more too. If you do not have oily lids then I don't think you will have any problem or have to prime your lids unless you wanted the colours to stand out more then a primer would be needed. 

The Posh Palette's are priced at £5.99 which is a total bargain for a palette as nice as this one. There are 3 Palette's available so you will definitely find one that suits the look that you go for/want to go for.

Beauty UK are available in Superdrug online and in store, the products are also available to buy from the Beauty Uk Cosmetics website - link

* I was kindly sent these products for review

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