Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Newyears Eve/Newyear

I had a lovely new-year, not as greatly celebrated as I had hoped but I spent it with the people I love so it was lovely. Newyears Eve is my Nan's birthday so Me & My boyfriend took her to Frankie & Bennys for a Birthday meal, then we walked around town looking in the shops, I brought a few things I needed then went home and got ready for the evening. The evening was like any other newyears eve evening, most of the family go round my nans and we have some food on and watch the fireworks people let off at midnight, but this time Gavin brought fireworks so we had some of our own. There were so many of the chinese lanterns let off that night I counted over 20. They are amazing I love them but I couldn't get hold of any for that night unfortunately.

So now it's the newyear I didn't really set any resolutions because they only get broke anyway, apart from my one last year which was to go out more and I have certainly done that lol.
I have set something to do which is to eat healthier and not eat as much, so far I have done ok, apart from Monday when every place we went to for food was out of stock or far too dear so we ended up in Pizza Hut which I'm not too fond of any more and we ate lots of crap, which made me feel crap. 

Overall I hope this newyear brings something for me, I'd love to be settled in a job full time or part time, I definitely want to start horse riding and also continue my driving lessons.
But I'll wait and see what it will bring.


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