Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ministry of sound 2011 Pump it up Dance work out DVD

So I purchased this DVD Monday, well.. The Bf brought it me lol. I see the ones that are out every year and think 'ooh that looks good I might buy that' But I never did, So this years I decided to purchase, all the songs I love are on it plus it looks pretty easy to do (It won't be when I do it lol) I really need to shift a few pounds so I thought this may work in some way.
I haven't yet tried it I probably will at some point tomorrow and will review it when I have used it a few times. 
I'm currently on a mission to loose weight because I know I will feel so uncomfortable in the summer. My main things are to cut down bread, junk and eat less also do some kind of exercise. The weather is so cold at the moment it's impossible to do any exercise outside and I know I wouldn't attend a gym plus I can't really afford it so it's time for me to get this motivation and do things for myself. 


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