Wednesday, 29 December 2010

TOWIE - The Only Way Is Essex

Ok so surely everyone knows what this show is, TOWIE. I don't watch Tv very often but I cannot miss this, The people are Amazing!! My faves have to be Mark for obvious reasons he's FIT!!, Lauren, Jess and Amy oh and Arg he's just adorable :). All the people on this are stunning and there clothes are lush. Definitley the best programme out at the moment.
The Essexmas special was brilliant, I really looked forward to that and have watched it about 4 times now I think lol.

Today I brought heat magazine as I saw Amy Childs on the cover with no makeup on, I must say Amy & Sam look gorgeous with or without makeup, It's good that they done this as it shows that they are just normal people and shows how they look natural :)


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  1. This is a terrible programme, but the girls on it are so fit. I do think that they look a lot prettier without make-up,they should definitely not wear nearly as much as they do