Monday, 6 December 2010

Living in a Dream world....

There's this place I call my Dream World, it's real but feels like a Dream once I'm there, it just doesn't feel real. I feel like I belong there and I never want to come home. It's just a camp site in Shropshire, I never thought I'd ever feel so excited about such a place. The sun is always shining there, even with the rain it's just so beautiful. 
The first time I went on holiday here I think it was when I was about 15, but I'm not too sure. To be honest I wasn't too keen of it then as I always needed be near shops else I'd be bored and seeing as it is basically in the middle of nowhere I was very very bored, Then as I became older I grew more and more love for the place, It was like a home that I went to a few days a year. This year of being there I didn't have the best experience but the first day was absolutely amazing.
Hopefully next year will be a lot better, I really do hope so.

This is a picture my Boyfriend took of me at LLCP in 2009 in my favorite spot to chill out and just think. 


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