Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Paul Smith Xtreme Style Xtreme heat defence spray

I heard about the new range of Paul Smith products on one of SWalkerMakeups Videos, she said they smelt nice and that they worked quite well. I did notice these products in stores a few times and the packaging did make me want to buy them as it's one of my favourite colours but I didn't purchase any then I watched SWalkerMakeup's video and thought of purchasing a product from the range, I did have a look and pick one up but didn't buy it, I did smell them though and the products smelt gorgeous, I also noticed all the products smelt differently. Then today I saw that the range was buy one get one free so I had a look through and decided to buy the heat protection as I needed some more and it smelt really gorgeous and the free product I got the thickening cream which my mum had. I decided to purchase the heat protection as the other products I don't really use, I was thinking of purchasing the mousse but I tend to stick to one I know that works well for my hair so decided not to purchase this brands one just incase it didn't. I am going to try this out tomorrow, hopefully the scent will stay on my hair all day, I may even use it as a scent for my hair lol.

I will write more once I have tested this :) xoxo

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