Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rihanna & Calvin Harris at the NIA Birmingham

Last night I finally went to see Rihanna doing her Loud Tour, It seems like forever since my Boyfriend purchased the tickets (he brought me them for my birthday). I was so excited to go too excited in fact to the extent that I had chest pain lol! I go OTT excited with some things but it was Rihanna after all, it's not often you get to be in the same room as her. We got there quite early so didn't have to wait outside in the que long and we got food then went straight to our seats, the only problem with being early was it felt like we had been waiting hours for the performance to start. I had forgot that Calvin Harris was Rihanna's support act so when he came on to start the show I was like ahhhhhhhhh soooo excited!!! He done the most amazing DJ set ever and I mean ever, the bass was that heavy it literally made my chest hurt to start with, he definitely got everyone going and made everyone very hyper lol! I think he played his set for an hour maybe a bit longer then Rihanna came on, She is so beautiful and such a good singer, I did watch her on X Factor the other day and thought she was a bit crap but last night she was honestly amazing and so so pretty. I loved the night so much thank you to my boyfriend for buying the tickets and coming with me :) it was an amazing night (amazing is my favourite word as you can probably tell). I didn't really take any pictures but we did take some videos but to be honest I was enjoying it too much to bother recording and my iPhone camera is poop! 

Here is a picture of the front of the programme that the boyfriend brought, some amazing glossy pictures inside there.


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