Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lucy Mecklenburgh: Love Lucy X

Lucy Mecklenburgh from TOWIE launched her clothing range quite a while back now, I think about 2 months ago or something like that? Anyway I'd never really looked through the website to be honest and I had an email come through today off the website as I did actually sign up before it was launched, so I thought I would have a peek. I haven't really had an inspiration to do any posts for a while but then I had an idea of looking through the TOWIE girl's clothing ranges and have decided to do a post on every range, I've already done one for Lauren Goodger's simply be clothing range which I absolutely adore. Ok so I will get on with it now! 

I do love Lucy's make-up and some of the clothes she has worn in TOWIE but I wouldn't say she was one of my favourites on the show, I don't dislike her because at the end of the day how do we know what is true on the show and what is not and I also don't think it's fair in anyway to judge her especially when none of us know her (ok some people do obviously).

The website itself is quite simple really but it's actually quite nice, I do think it could have more to it though as it does kind of look like it hasn't had much effort put into it but then again it's only the start so it may get better. I had a look through the clothes and I honestly think they all look really cheap and tacky, the prices are far too high, maybe the clothes look better in person or on but I personally would not purchase anything whatsoever. 

You can check out Lucy's website here , is there anything that you like? and would you pay the prices? let me know in a comment below :)



  1. I went right off Lucy after her being a bit of a s*** on the show lol but I just looked at her website & like some of the pieces on there. I would pay the prices if it was something I really wanted. One thing though - the sizes - I'm bigger than a size 14 and that's all most of her designs go up to :/ xoxo