Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Clip Hair Double Wefted Clip In Hair Extensions

When these extensions arrived last week I could not wait to put them in, I put them in literally five minutes after they arrived and loved them instantly. 

The extensions are the Deluxe set shade (4) which contains 170g of hair. I chose the 20" because my hair naturally is around 18" and these are the length I usually get when I buy extensions anyway. They come in this clear packaging which most extensions do and the piece of card which has on the company's name, about the extensions and that they are 100% remy human hair which is the best kind of hair for extensions.

On the back of the piece of card it gives you a step by step guide on how to attach the clip in extensions which I think is great for those people who don't know how, and it also tells you how to remove the hair extensions too which again I think is good for those people who don't know how, I haven't ever had any of this information on hair extensions that I have brought in the past so the fact that these extensions do have this is a bonus, even though I already know how to use them etc.. I still think it's a good thing to do. 

The first thing I noticed once I took the extensions out of the packet was that they where tied together like this, now these already have clips on which intrigued me, my usual extensions are just one big weft which I have to cut down and then sew the clips on myself which can sometimes be a pain and these ones already have the clips on which I like and with the weft I usually buy it is wrapped around a small piece of cardboard which is ok but I do prefer how these where tied like this.

Once I had untied the gold ribbon (sorry I'm not sure what it's called) I could not believe how much hair there was and it was so thick, All together the set contains -
Two 8 inch (20cm) wide wefts - 3 clips per weft
Two 6 inch (15cm) wide wefts - 3 clips per weft
Two 4 inch (10cm) wide wefts - 2 clips per weft
Two 2 inch (5cm) wide wefts - 1 clip per weft

Now here is my hair without any extensions or any styling done to it, as you can see it's long but quite fine. My hair is my natural colour but does tend to look different under certain lighting/on camera. The very ends of my hair are lighter than the top, they always have been I'm not sure why so I tend to match my extensions to the top of my hair. 

Here is my hair styled and with the extensions in, as you can see they make a lot of difference to my hair. Because of there being a lot of hair I thought it would be heavy on my head if I wore all the wefts as usually I just wear two or three wefts, any more than that hurts my head. I put them all in and they did not hurt my head at all and they also didn't feel heavy. I have had these for a week now and have wore them everyday, I can honestly say they have felt fine. I love the clips on them as they are a bit smaller to the ones I am use to and they are really secure and sturdy. These do match my hair well, in the pictures for some reason the ends of my hair look black but they aren't. Because they extensions are 100% remy human hair you can use heat on them and style them however you like, I just tend to keep mine straight I don't like to use heat on my extensions but occasionally I will curl them.

Overall I really would recommend these extensions for people with fine hair or even thick hair as normal extensions don't tend to have enough hair in them for thicker hair but these will be perfect for you. Obviously I can't say how they last etc.. because I've only had them a week so I will be doing another post in a couple of months to show you how they look and what I think of them then. 

The extension's are £69.99 and are available to buy from clip hair - link
They have lots of other different shades and also sell hair wefts/weaves, micro rings, pre - bonded, clip in pony tails and also clip in fringes. They do lots of lengths in the extensions, from 10 inch up to 26 inch. 

You can follow clip hair on twitter - link
They are very friendly and are always happy to help you with any questions you may need to ask. They also have a facebook page - link
Which they hold competitions on all the time, so don't forget to head over to there pages and give them a little like/follow, they are a great company. 

If you do decide to try out these extensions or have any questions then do leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you :)


* I was sent these extensions for review. 

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