Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer

I am a bit late writing this as I did get this product in January and took the photo's in January (as you can tell by the snow) but here goes..

This here is the best highlight ever, I'm saying this even though it's the only highlight that I have used but it really is amazing and I know that a lot of people agree on the fact that it is one of the best. I heard about the Mary Lou Manizer through watching Shaaanxo's youtube videos (she's my favourite) and I knew I needed to get it straight away. I purchased it not long after Christmas from feelunique.com and it arrived a few days after. I instantly loved it like I knew I would and started using it straight away and have used it everyday since. I had never used a highlight until this one and I can't believe the difference it makes to my face, I look more fresh, awake and glowing.

The Mary Lou is very highly pigmented and you only need to use the smallest amount. The colour is hard to explain, it has flecks of gold and silver in it and is very pretty. There is a lot of product (8.5g) which will last a very long time especially when not a lot of product needs to be used. I have used it everyday since I've had it and hardly any has been used. 

I couldn't imagine not using this now, my make up looks so plain without it. I don't think I'd try any other highlight because this really is everything you'd want in a highlight, The only problem I've had is that the pan the highlight is in detached from the case and I never glued it back to the case and now it has smashed so it doesn't look like it does in the photo's now but it is still usable. If this happens to you I'd recommend that you glue it back into the case which I should of done. 

You can get the Mary Lou Manizer from feel unique and it retails at £15 with free delivery. 

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